Good and Gay: LGBTQ TV news from Flack to Betty

LGBTQ TV news fills this week’s Good and Gay! We’ve got a gaggle of shows with queer representation that are returning for a sexy, sapphic, second season including Flack featuring out actor Anna Paquin, queer witch show Motherland: Fort Salem, and HBO’s skater show Betty! Also, GALECA, the LGBTQ critics association, announces their TV awards nominations. So, kick back, relax, and get ready to see what you can add to your list of much-watch TV!

Bisexual PR series Flack returns for Season 2

Flack has returned for Season 2 and this British series about a messy PR agent is just getting messier. Picking up where Season 1 left off, we see Robyn grapple with the collision of her personal and professional life as she helps famous people deal with their PR nightmares. All the while, she’s grappling with her own addiction. Robyn may be all about spin, but when her sister and mother get involved, she’s the one being spun. Robyn is a bisexual character played by bisexual actor Anna Paquin, who recently stood up for herself and other bi folks on Instagram.

Flack Season 2 is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Queer witch series Motherland: Fort Salem returns for Season 2

Motherland: Fort Salem returns for Season 2 this week. Season 1 saw the trio, Raelle, Tally, and Abigail, enlist in witch military training—this year sees them enter War College. Set in an alternate U.S., the series features a romance between Raelle and Scylla, girlfriends who find themselves on opposite sides of an ongoing conflict between the military and The Spree, an enigmatic terrorist group. While Season 1 saw Raelle and Scylla driven apart, the Season 2 trailer suggests we might be in for a sapphic reunion. We’ll also see the addition of a new nonbinary character named “M” who is a second-year at War College. Here’s hoping this season is just as queer, just as witchy, and just as intense as Season 1.

In the lead up to the season premiere, there’s even a fun Witch Test you can take to see if you would qualify as a witch.

Motherland: Fort Salem premieres on June 23 on Freeform and streams on Hulu the following day.

Queer skater series Betty returns for Season 2

Betty is back with Season 2 and our favorite queer skater crew returns in style. This season was filmed during the pandemic and explores the impact of it upon their home city of New York. Plus, Honey Bear and her girlfriend Ash have become more comfortable as a couple and decide it’s time to explore polyamory. And Kirt has a lady love interest as well!

Betty Season 2 is available to watch and stream on HBO.

LGBTQ critics association GALECA announces Dorian TV awards nominations

This week GALECA, the LGBTQ critics association, announced the nominations for their TV awards, honoring queer series like Pose, I May Destroy You, It’s a Sin, Girls5Eva, and more. Saturday Night Live cast members Bowen Yang, Punkie Johnson, and Kate McKinnon, alongside guests Anya Taylor-Joy and Lil Nas X also received a nod for their song “Pride Month Song,” a hilarious song both celebrating and critiquing Pride. Also of note is the fact that the association recently moved to gender inclusive performance categories for both lead and supporting roles to become more inclusive of nonbinary actors who might otherwise be excluded. “I’m so proud,” says the Society’s newly elected president, Monika Estrella Negra (who also writes for us!!). “Our group’s nominations are diverse and fresh, signaling the overhaul of invisibility of marginalized communities and the heralding of a new generation of entertainment journalists.”

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