Good and Gay: lesbians around the world and much more!

Lesbians and nonbinary folks from around the world fill this week’s Good and Gay. From groundbreaking representation to minor roles to hilarious parodies, we’ve gathered the very best of the queer internet in one place for you. There’s just too much good, queer news from around the world this week, so we’ve crammed in everything we can!

Paula Pell brings queer mystery-solving aunt to Mapleworth Murders

This week SNL alums Paula Pell and John Lutz’s delightful new series Mapleworth Murders premiered. The hilarious series, which plays off of Murder, She Wrote, is filled with innuendo, a star-studded cast, and the flubs and triumphs of mystery novelist turned sleuth Abigail (played by Pell). When she’s not solving murders, Abigail likes to hang out at home with her cats and her “handywoman” (who is played by Pell’s fiancé Janine Brito). “All of us grew up with that one aunt that shared expenses with another friend,” Pell tells The Advocate. “They baked together, and you’re like, ‘How long have they shared an apartment, you know, just for safety reasons?’ I love those old-timey ladies that are also just queer as hell.”

Mapleworth Murders can be streamed via Quibi.

Fast & Furious Crossroads puts nonbinary representation front and center

Last week Fast & Furious Crossroads arrived. The new action game features nonbinary character Cam as the lead. Voiced by Asia Kate Dillon, Cam has been praised for many reasons from the casting to getting their pronouns right to not making the nonbinary representation part of the marketing of the game. As, “As a nonbinary person myself…I like this sort of casual portrayal,” writes Bella Blondeau for The Gamer. “Because, for me, I’m more than a nonbinary trans woman. Yes, it’s who I am, but it’s only a part of who I am – I’m not defined purely by my identity, and only ask that people respect it.”

Fast & Furious Crossroads is available to be played on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Hallmark Channel to feature lesbian wedding in new film Wedding Every Weekend

In July, Hallmark promised to do better by LGBTQ+ viewers and in their new film, Wedding Every Weekend, the channel takes the first step. The film centers on two friends who have to attend four weddings in four weeks and decide to go together. One of the weddings features a lesbian couple. It’s not the feature-level representation viewers deserve, but amidst conservative backlash, it is a sign for better days to come.

Wedding Every Week can be viewed on the Hallmark Channel when it premiers August 15.

Lesbian crime action movie Dangerous announced by director Ram Gopal Varma

Earlier this week, Bollywood and Telugu cinema director Ram Gopal Varma announced his new lesbian crime action movie titled Dangerous. The film follows the intense love story between two star crossed women who are willing to kill and die for one another. According to the director’s tweets, the tagline for the film is “Their affair killed many, including Cops and Gangsters.” If crime movies are your thing, Varma just may have created your new favorite movie.

At the time of writing, a release date is not available for Dangerous.
Hollyoaks casts nonbinary actor Ki Griffin for full-time role

Soap opera Hollyoaks is making queer news again! Nonbinary actor Ki Griffin, who first appeared on the show last month, will continue playing the role of Ripley Lennox in a full-time capacity next season. Ripley, who is already friends with character Tom Cunningham, will work at a second-hand story and will become friends with characters Peri, Yasmine, and Romeo. Congratulations, Ki! We can’t wait to see you in action again soon!

Hollyoaks is currently on hiatus at least until September due to the pandemic, but you can stream older episodes on Hulu.

Pakistan’s first on-screen lesbian relationship appears in Churails

Churails is a new 10-episode web series that follows four Pakistani women who band together to form a detective agency, which they disguise as a burqa boutique. Notably, a lesbian couple appears in the series working with the protagonists. Though they are not the central characters, any LGBTQ+ representation in a series from Pakistan, where same-sex relationships are illegal, is always risky for creators and worth celebrating.

Churails premieres on ZEE5, which has yet to become available in the U.S.

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