Good and Gay: lesbian superheroes, remembering Naya Rivera, and more

Lesbian superheroes, cartoon characters, wrestlers, and a tribute to a lesbian icon fill this week’s Good and Gay. From the WWE to Scooby-Doo to Doom Patrol, we’ve gathered the very best queer moments from the internet in one place for you. And if you missed it, make sure to check out all the queer superheroes and more in last week’s Good and Gay

And, don’t miss the touching tributes to Naya Rivera at the end of this week’s Good and Gay.

Wrestler Tegan Nox comes out as lesbian

Tegan Nox of WWE NXT fame came out via Instagram posting a picture of herself with Sierra St. Pierre wearing rainbow face masks, making her one of the only openly gay personalities in the WWE. “My life has always been a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ situation, but I felt like it was the right time, especially when you’ve found the right one you’re in love with. It was the right time to do that,” Nox told Newsweek. “The reaction has been great. There are a few people who obviously don’t agree with that, but 99 percent of the reactions have been positive. I’ve got texts coming through from so many colleagues and friends. It was nice. It’s great to see that there are so many nice people in the world.”

Congratulations Tegan and welcome to the family!

Doom Patrol’s Jane is a lesbian

Diane Guerrero, who plays the superpowered Jane on Doom Patrol, recently took over the show’s official Twitter account to answer fan questions. A fan asked: “is jane a lesbian breathe if yes,” Guerrero gave a cryptic but undeniable response. She posted a video clip of herself intentionally inhaling and exhaling. She also replied to the Tweet writing “Sigh” and using a hug emoji. And, until the show takes Jane’s story further into her sexuality, that’s a pretty clear indication of the actor’s perspective on the character. (If you don’t watch Doom Patrol, it’s important to note that Jane has multiple personalities and is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, so tackling her sexuality as one and many is a tricky situation. We can’t wait to see where this awesome series heads.)

The Old Guard brings big lesbian energy to superheroes

In the new Netflix adaptation of The Old Guard comic series, we get to see immortal queers fight, love, and build community. While the romance between Nicky and Joe takes center stage, woven throughout the film is the close companionship between Charlize Theron’s Andy and Veronica Ngo’s Quynh. While no one says “Oh hey we’re queer and in love,” their sweet whispers during the English Witch Trials leave little room for other interpretation. “Just you and me,” Quynh whispers while chained to the wall awaiting yet another death. Andy replies, “Until the end.”

The film is absolutely set up for a sequel and we can only hope it will include an epic battle and reconciliation between Andy and Quynh.

Velma is finally confirmed to be a lesbian

If you have been queer and seen Scooby-Doo at some point over the last 50 years, you probably guessed that at least the nerdy person in the turtle neck is queer—but hey, great news! Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated producer Tony Cervone finally confirmed that you were right the whole time! Velma is gay as the day is long! (James Gunn also revealed that Velma was intended to be “explicitly gay” in the 2002 live-action film, but that it was watered down by the studio.)

Demi Lovato shares how Naya Rivera helped her come out

In a touching Twitter tribute to Naya Rivera, who recently died in a terrible boating accident, Demi Lovato has shared about how Rivera’s role as lesbian Satana Lopez on Glee opened up the closet doors for queer people and specifically queer Afro-Latinx folks. Rivera’s death has rippled through queer fandoms and reminded us all of how rare this kind of representation still is.

Make sure to check out these tributes from viewers: Sa’iyda Shabazz on Rivera’s Santana being a role model for Black and Latinx queer girls and women, Dana Piccoli’s essay on Rivera’s lasting queer legacy, and Nicole Acevedo’s round up of celebrity remembrances regarding Rivera.

Rest in Power, Naya. We’ll never forget you and how you changed queer representation.

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