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Lesbian and queer music, film, and TV news fill this week’s Good and Gay to the brim! From Lava La Rue dropping a new EP all about queer love to the Mardi Gras Film Festival showing a veritable cornucopia of LGBTQ+ films, we’ve gathered the best of the queer internet in one place just for you!

Before you start your weekend off, check out these incredibly good, incredibly gay bright spots in our world!

Lava La Rue drops new EP Butter-Fly

Today, Lava La Rue drops their new EP Butter-Fly featuring the above song and video“Magpie.” The new album explores the power and gravitas of queer love. “In the past I was using female pronouns for my lovers and people were reaching out to me and being like, ‘You have no idea how much it meant to me to just listen to a bop and it so casually be about a lesbian relationship, but not actually for the whole thing be about that,’” they tell NME. “For me growing up, it would have helped me massively seeing someone who I resonated with singing about that kind of love rather than trying to apply something that doesn’t quite apply to you but make it work, which I feel like a lot of queer people do. When you do have more queer people being the icons that inspire you to create music, it reaches out across all fields and genres. Essentially, it will then be progressive for the whole of music.”

Stream the entire Butter-Fly EP on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you stream your music.

Rain Beau’s End trailer teases story of lesbian couple and adopted child

This week, we got the trailer for Rain Beau’s End, an independent feature released exclusively on Lesflicks. Set in the 1990s, the film centers on a progressive lesbian couple who adopt a child who has been mislabeled with a “genetic predisposition for violence.” Their son is diagnosed with 47, XYY, a syndrome that was erroneously credited with more aggressive behavior in boys. As they grapple with the implications of the diagnosis, parents Hanna and Jules must also question to what degree the diagnosis became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Writer and producer of the film, Jennifer Cooney says, “The release of Rain Beau’s End exclusively on Lesflicks could not be a prouder moment for me, as both a filmmaker and a lesbian…to have a film that I wrote and produced be distributed to the world via a platform dedicated to the sharing of lesbian films is a mind-blowing honor. Not to mention a monumental leap towards a greater understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Actor Adelaide Kane comes out

Australian actor Adelaide Kane came out via TikTok on Valentine’s Day. In the video Kane looks about nervously, almost on the verge of tears. The caption of the image says, “Me super nervous to come out publicly as bisexual to the people in my life and on social media.” The video then cuts to the caption “My friends, family, the TikTok algorithm and my Twitch chat” laid over video of the Reign and Teen Wolf actor lip syncing “I’m not surprised” to the Michael Buble song “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

Congratulations, Adelaide!

My Mum Tracy Beaker series confirms Cam is a lesbian

Last week Tracy Beaker returned in new series My Mum Tracy Beaker. In the Season 1 finale, iconic and beloved character and Tracy’s adoptive mother Cam was shown marrying her wife Mary. While it may have surprised some viewers, Jacqueline Wilson, the author of the book series the TV shows are based on, always intended for Cam to be a lesbian. “Anybody reading between the lines in the early Tracey Beaker books [would see that] her foster mum Cam is to my mind clearly gay,” she said. Notably, the author herself came out last year in advance of the release of her latest book, Love Frankie.

My Mum Tracy Beaker is currently only streaming in the U.K. via BBC iPlayer. However, What To Watch has run a great article about accessing the series from anywhere.

Mardi Gras Film Festival features LGBTQ+ films

The 28th Mardi Gras Film Festival is screening dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer feature length and short films in person (socially distanced) and online from February 18 to March 4. Hosted by Queer Screen, this Australia-based festival aims to celebrate “the diversity of sexualities and gender identities through queer storytelling on screen.” Films showing this year include Ammonite, Forgotten Roads, La Leyenda Negra, My Fiona, and Love, Spells and All That, among others.

Tickets start at $10 per film.

Please note: this festival has restricted viewing based on where you live. Click on the links above to learn more.

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