Good and Gay: lesbian films and more!

From So! My Grandmother is a Lesbian landing at Netflix to Batwoman returning for Season 2 to a new executive order clarifying protections for LGBTQ+ Americans, we’ve gathered the best Good and Gay news in one place for your reading pleasure.

Take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug, and kick up your feet. Now, let’s get into the good, good, good, gay news you crave!

Batwoman returns!

Batwoman returned for Season 2 last weekend—with Javicia Leslie playing the newest iteration of the eponymous hero. Leslie portrays Ryan Wilder, a woman with a past and a serious grudge against Batwoman’s recurring antagonist Alice. In the premiere, we got a good deal of insight into Wilder’s past and see Alice strut her terrifying stuff. What lies ahead for the new Batwoman? You’ll just have to tune in.

Batwoman Season 2 airs weekly on Sundays on The CW.

Lesbian period film The World to Come trailer arrives

The trailer for the newest in a string of lesbian period dramas has arrived. This time our two intrepid lovers meet while trying to survive hardship in the 19th century American Northwest. Abigail meets her new neighbor Tallie and their friendship evolves into something more as they fill the voids in one another’s hearts. The World to Come is directed by Mona Fastvold and stars Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Casey Affleck, and Christopher Abbot.

The World to Come will be available on demand on March 2, 2021 from your favorite platform (Prime, AppleTV, Google, DirectTv, etc.).

Actor Mary Wisemen comes out

Mary Wiseman became the most recent addition to the Star Trek: Discovery queer cast when she came out during an interview with The call dropped right when Wiseman was discussing her sexuality—oh the joys of video calls—and the interviewer, Dawn Ennis, followed up to confirm. “I did say this! It’s not a big deal at all, I just didn’t want to say I’m straight when I’m not!” Wiseman confirmed via DM, adding that before she met her husband actor Noah Averbach-Katz she “dated and loved people of all genders.”

Star Trek: Discovery is streaming now on CBS All Access.

So! My Grandmother is a Lesbian now streaming

In a delightful reversal of the coming out trope, Spanish comedy So! My Grandmother is a Lesbian, Salier Del Ropero, follows older lesbians Sofia and Celia as they come out to their grandchild and child. They announce that they are getting married at the same time that Sofia’s granddaughter Eva announces her own marriage to the son of a Brexit-loving family. As Eva and Celia’s son Jorge grapple with the news that Sofia and Celia are lesbians set to wed, they find they have more in common than they thought.

So! My Grandmother is a Lesbian is now streaming on Netflix.

President Biden calls for LGBTQ protections in executive order on Day 1

On his first day in office, President Biden signed numerous executive orders, including one that clarifies that gay and transgender folks are protected against discrimination pretty much across the board: from schools to healthcare to the workplace and beyond. The executive order interprets 2020’s landmark Supreme Court ruling that gay and trans employees are covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to be applied more broadly than the prior administration.

Here’s hoping there are many more wins coming down the pike for LGBTQ+ Americans.

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