Good and Gay: Gossip Girl to Film Maudit 2.0

From Gossip Girl announcing casting news to Film Maudit 2.0 sharing queer stories to Brooklyn Dems making entry political positions accessible to nonbinary folks, this week’s Good and Gay is full of the good news you crave—especially after a week like this one!

So, pour yourself a cup of tea—or something stronger—kick up your feet, and take a deep breath. Now, let’s talk about some good, gay news!

Film Maudit 2.0 film festival features queer properties

Highways Performance Space and Gallery presents the second annual Film Maudit 2.0 Tuesday, January 12 through Sunday, January 24. The festival provides free online screenings for 12 days of programming. Among that programming, the following properties, featuring or created by LGBTQ+ folks, are featured: Ask Any Buddy, Mexicali, documentary Water Makes Us Wet, Queer-ing Genre short films showcase, and the entire “Behold Performance and Film Series,” which includes 10 short films from QLX: the Performance of Queer Latinx, six films from Hi-Kicks Entrails, and Planet Queer’s NSFW series.

Actor Maddie Hasson comes out as bisexual

Earlier this week actor Maddie Hasson, known for her roles on The Finder, Twisted, and Impulse, came out as bisexual via Instagram. When a fan posted asked her to post a picture with a “gay/bi vibe,” the actor replied with the same picture of herself, adding the text “Hi, I’m bi and proud!”

Congratulations, Maddie!

Supporters rally to save queer nightlife in wake of pandemic

2020 was a year full of disappointment in many ways. Environments that have long been havens for LGBTQ+ folks, bars and nightclubs, have been shuttering left and right, but supporters have been rallying to save these hallmarks of queer community—and the people who make them what they are. The SF Queer Nightlife Fund ended 2020 having raised over $300,000 to support nightlife workers. In LA, 2,500 donors raised $190,000 to save the iconic queer bar Akbar via GoFundMe. The Lesbian Bar Project is working to save the 15 remaining sapphic bars in the country and raised over $115,000 in 2020. These disparate efforts across the country are working to make sure there are still queer bars after the pandemic. To get involved, check out the links above.

Gossip Girl reboot unveils new characters

In October, Gossip Girl reboot producer Joshua Safran commented that the new version would be “very, very queer” and have “many queer characters.” This week, the show’s official Instagram has dropped individual photos of the new cast with their character names and short one-word descriptions. While none say “queer” or “gay”, as Autostraddle pointed out, it’s safe to say we’re starting to meet some of the queer cuties that will make this reboot all the better than the original.

Brooklyn Democrats allow nonbinary candidates to run for party posts

At the very end of 2020, the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s executive committee passed a proposal to remove former gender requirements for county committee seats. “This is an exciting time for Brooklyn Democrats, once again leading the nation in embracing inclusion and diversity,” party leader and Flatbush Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte tells Brooklyn Paper. “The executive committee’s unanimous approval was not only the right decision, it is the only acceptable decision.

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