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Bisexual, lesbian, queer, and nonbinary news fill this week’s good and gay! From the results of the recent Gallup survey indicating there are more people in the U.S. identifying as LGBTQ+ than ever before to the introduction of a nonbinary character on Batwoman, we’ve gathered the best Good and Gay news in one place for your reading pleasure.

Trailer for bisexual chaos Shiva Baby arrives

The first trailer for Shiva Baby has arrived. The absurd Jewish comedy about a bisexual college student who runs into her ex-girlfriend and her sugar daddy at a family funeral is based on a short of the same name; writer and director Emma Seligman created the short for her NYU thesis film. Shiva Baby centers on a young woman with no direction as she arrives late to her family’s shiva, having just come from trying to get payment from her sugar daddy. Of course, Sugar Daddy shows up at the funeral with his wife and kid. When her high school best friend turned onetime lover shows up hot on her sugar daddy’s heels, things get even more complicated.

Shiva Baby will be available on demand from your favorite platform (Prime, AppleTV, Google, DirectTv, etc.) starting April 2.

Ma Belle, My Beauty gets a North American release!

Bisexual, polyamorous film Ma Belle, My Beauty has just concluded a successful run at Sundance Film Festival and the distribution rights have been acquired by Good Dead Entertainment which means it’s headed to the U.S.! The film follows Bertie and Fred, newlyweds and musicians, as they settle into their life in France. When the quirky ex from their former throuple relationship, Lane, suddenly appears, she brings new energy and some new baggage as well.

Ma Belle, My Beauty is slated for a theatrical release in late summer 2021.

More Americans are identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer

According to a recent study from Gallup, more Americans are identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer than ever before: 5.6% of the total US population, or 18 million people—a 24% increase since the 2017 poll. One in six adult members of Gen Z (18 to 23 years old at the time of the survey) identify as LGBTQ+ and can thus be credited with driving that increased percentage. “Younger people are growing up in an environment where being gay, lesbian or bisexual is not as taboo as it was in the past,” Gallup editor Jeffrey Jones told NBC News. “So they may just feel more comfortable telling an interviewer in a telephone survey how they describe themselves. In the past, people would maybe be more reluctant.”

The report notes that if this is true, so might be the inverse, meaning older generations could be reluctant to share their queer identity—the true number of queer people in the U.S. might be even higher.

Batwoman introduces nonbinary character Evan Blake

The most recent episode of Batwoman introduced a nonbinary character: Evan Blake. Evan is a former classmate and friend of Kate Kane’s who has connections that just might lead Team Batwoman and the paramilitary security group The Crows to Kate Kane’s location. When Ryan Wilder, the new Batwoman played by Javicia Leslie, meets Evan, they introduce themself and their pronouns (he/him and they/them) while dressed in jewels and a flowing dress. In advance of the episode, writer Daniel Thomsen took to social media to talk about the importance of the character:

“On tonight’s episode of Batwoman, Caroline [Dries] gave me the opportunity to introduce a non-binary character. There’s a beautiful messiness to queer coming of age that can be trampled when we feel pressure to adopt a fixed gender identity/expression. Life is long and unpredictable, and the evolution of self should be celebrated. As a writer, I’ve long wanted to add a character to the conversation that knows they deserve a rich journey to find happiness, even if they don’t know precisely what form that happiness will take. The fun is getting there, and the vehicle is confidence. We only scratch the surface with this character tonight, but I hope we’ll see more of them in the future.”

Batwoman airs Sunday nights on The CW.

Lesflicks releases Every Day series

Every Day, a new series being released on Lesflicks, follows bisexual character Maddie as she grapples with the sexual assault she survived in high school 10 years later. The story actually centers on Maddie’s new life and how when she meets Laurel she has to choose whether to move forward with her life or stick to her long-time friends. In a press release, Naomi Bennett, Lesflicks CEO and Founder said: “March is bisexual health awareness month and Women’s History Month, so I couldn’t think of a better time to release this series. It covers the mental and physical health of a bisexual woman and looks at how her experiences in her own history impact her present…These experiences are all too common amongst women and it is important to show the impact on screen, both for the recognition of what they’ve gone through, but also to let women who may have experienced similar situations, that they are not alone.”

Every Day can be streamed via Lesflicks. There are both free and paid membership options.

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