Good and Gay: a lesbian wedding, queer skaters and more

This week’s Good and Gay is all about queer skaters, an unusual lesbian wedding, and virtual Pride celebrations. We also share two coming out stories: one from a bisexual character on Law and Order: SVU and the other from a YouTuber and model who caught the emotional moment on camera. No matter how challenging things get, there are still plenty of Good and Gay things to celebrate, so grab a cup of tea, take a deep breath, and get ready to feel good and oh so gay.

And make sure you don’t miss Episode 3 of Beacon Hill the Series which drops today at 3pm ET. Let’s just say the romance storyline gets intense as our favorite exes try to figure out how to be around one another. Make sure to check out Dana Piccoli’s episode recaps every week!

Betty premieres today on HBO

A spin-off of feature film Skate Kitchen, Betty follows a queer girl gang as they skate and support each other. From dating to navigating street harassment, these women learn how to become the people they want to be, all while defying gender norms around skate culture. The stars of this series are all non-professional actors and actual friends who have been fictionalized for this irresistible series. As of today, you can watch the series on HBO.

Plans for Pride go virtual

Due to the pandemic, many Pride celebrations are being canceled—or moving to virtual celebrations. As these new virtual plans come together, all kinds of organizations and people are getting in on virtual Pride alternatives. Pride organizers from around the world are optimistic about adapting and creating a new event for a new time. has also announced a livestream Pride with performances, speeches and messages from LGBTQ+ community members to help folks celebrate from home.

Law and Order: SVU’s Katriona Tamin comes out as bisexual

On a recent episode of Law and Order: SVU, a major character comes out. While discussing her dating life with another character, Katriona Tamin, a new addition to SVU cast, reveals she her bisexual identity casually. She opens her dating app and says, “What do you think? Gene or Gina?”

Jamie Gray Hayder portrays Tamin and sees the importance of her character’s coming out story and positive queer representation. “I think that kind of bringing it up in this very casual way is important because it doesn’t need to stand out,” she tells E! News. “I think by it not totally standing out to the members of the squad, it really will help the community with acceptance when it comes to that community.”
Model Tatiana Ringsby comes out to her parents with an adorable “Surprise I’m Bi” cake

YouTuber and model Tatiana Ringsby came out to her parents as bisexual on a TikTok video. While her brother recorded, she delivered a cake to her parents and watched while they read what it said. Her parents reacted with support and pride, telling their daughter: “We love you no matter what.” This delightful coming out experience is the one we all deserve—complete with Dad joke.

Lesbian couple throws a pop-up wedding during pandemic

Bri Houk and Lindsey Leaverton were planning on having a more traditional wedding than the one they ended up having. This Austin couple traded their hotel wedding to get married at a drive-in theater with their friends and family watching from their cars and online. After their adorable ceremony, they screened Airplane because it was “under 90 minutes with wedding themes.”

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