Gift ideas for lesbians who love to lounge

Mmmmm, relaxation. We all have that person in our lives who makes napping an Olympic sport. Who prefers cuddling and binge-watching over a night on the town. These gifts are for the lesbians and queer women in our lives that love to lounge and do it in style.


Magical Unicorn Leggings

Leggings are one of the official uniforms of lounging, so why not add a little whimsy. Be a unicorn AND a lesbian.



Joggers by DapperBoi

Leggings aren’t for everyone. If you know a lounger who prefers a looser fit but likes to rock a sweatpant, then these joggers are the real deal.



Rainbow Adult Onesie

The adult onesie trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so it’s time to embrace it. This onesie screams “I’m a lesbian, and I am lounging” without having to say a word. This is perfect for snuggling on the couch or reading their favorite book with a nice cup of tea. Speaking of that…


Tea Gift Set

This set of the best loose teas of 2018 from David’s Tea is sure to impress any tea lover and lounger. There are flavors like Pistachio Ice Cream, S’mores Chai, Sparkling Sangria and more, and they come is this nifty little package.



Wonder Woman Spa Set

Treating yourself is an integral part of lounging. The lucky recipient of this Wonder Woman spa package can watch six episodes of Legends of Tomorrow in a row while pampering themselves into true relaxation.



Lesbian Throw Pillow

A throw pillow is a lounging necessity, so why not combine style and silliness in one? Your giftee can rest their weary heads on this funky little pillow, and dream sweetly about a sequel to Carol.



Brookstone Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are so popular this year, that your intrepid gift guider had to search one out that wasn’t sold out. Don’t fret, this Brookstone weighted blanket is soft as a kitten and will feel like a big warm hug to the recipient. Weighted blankets supposedly help provide relaxation and comfort, so this seems like a win-win for the lounger in your life.






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