Get your pride on while supporting these LGBTQ-owned businesses

Yesterday we featured some large retailer pride lines, and today we are celebrating LGBTQ-owned business where you can gear up for pride, and support small business and non-profits too.



Pride Socks: This Austin-based and queer owned business will knock your socks off. They have line of fashionable and athletic pride-inspired socks for children and adults. They also sell accessories and tees!



Wildfang: This Portland-based clothier is probably the most well known on the list and for good reason. Wildfang has been celebrating queer women and gender-nonconforming folks since 2012. They have everything from tees to button-ups, to rainbow visors and unicorn fanny packs. Go Wild.



GLBT Shirts: This gay-owned online store has been around since 2005 and you can’t beat them when it comes to selection. You can find everything from fun and quirky, to activism and political.


Haute Butch: Who says you can’t look dapper at pride? This clothier specializes in suits and business apparel for women, non-binary and trans folks, but they also have a line of pride gear and accessories.


Gay Apparel: As in “don we now”! This funky and relatively new company goes the fun and subtle route with their pride tees. They have shirts with pronouns on the pockets, unicorns, and more.



Flavnt: This clothing company is run by twins Courtney and Chris Rhodes, who are both members of the LGBTQ community. They sell a number of pride-oriented shirts like the Cheers Queers tank and the Lady Gay Tee.


Revel and Riot: R&R isn’t just a clothing shop, it’s also a non-profit dedicated to LGBTQ issues. Their website has dozens of resources so check it out while you are picking out some pride gear.


Zealo Apparel: Looking for a snapback that says, “I’m out and proud?” Then look no further than this small clothing company that makes snapbacks for bi, trans, ace, pan pride and more. There also also cute tees like the “tol gay” and “smol gay” which are perfect for couples.


Passionfruit: Formerly Bobo Academy, Passionfruit recently rebranded and reopened. Passionfruit’s motto is “let’s get visible” and you may have recently seen actor Natasha Negovanlis rocking their “Forever Queer” tee. (I have the same one!)


GLAAD: In addition to monitoring and working with the media to promote LGBTQIA+ stories and visibility, GLAAD also has some fun pride-gear. Grab a tank, tee or bag and help support the orgs continuing efforts.

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