“Gay Mean Girls” flips high school popularity on its head

Lucy is straight…well, at least she thought she was. Her bestie Miranda is an out lesbian and sick of the status quo of their high school prom. In KindaTv’s new webseries, Gay Mean Girls, Lucy can’t stop thinking about Miranda (a totally straight thing to do) so she hatches a plan to help Miranda create a queer royal court for the event. When confronted by the prom committee chair, Lucy loses her cool and becomes a viral video. The video helps boost their cause and with the principal’s blessing, Gay Prom Royalty is a go.

But things are a little more complicated than that for Lucy. While she has feelings for Miranda and is just starting to consider that she might not be straight, there’s also the sweet and sincere GSA president, Anita to swoon over. Oh and the sarcastic and sardonic Jaime, who is nonbinary and the first person Lucy shares her big secret with.

The cast is spot on, with delightful newbie Vicky Li as Lucy leading the charge. If you loved Booksmart, and the quirky sensibilities of series like Carmilla and Barbelle, then check out Gay Mean Girls. The first four episodes are available now on YouTube with new ones dropping this week.

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