Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon share a smooch on “SNL”

Ever wished that you could see Wonder Woman and Kate McKinnon press their faces together? Who hasn’t, right? Well, on this week’s Saturday Night Live, that’s exactly what happened. Playing on the notion that Themyscira is the gayest place ever (I mean, their national anthem is Closer to Fine), special guest Gal Gadot and the SNL cast dressed as Amazons and came face to face with two shipwrecked lesbians, Drea (Aidy Bryant) and Megan (Kate McKinnon). Spoiler alert, it’s no Totinos, but fans of Gadot and McKinnon might just want to check it out. As much as the kiss was the talk of social media, my two highlights were Aidy Bryant’s side mullet and Leslie Jones looking fabulous in her Amazon gear.

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