“Freelancers Anonymous” is a delightful rom-com with an edge

It’s a freelance economy out there, folks. It’s also 20Gayteen.

Art imitated life when Freelancer’s Anonymous writers Lisa Cordileone and Amy Dellagiarino realized they both hated their day jobs and decided to write a movie about it. So the duo teamed up with director Sonia Sebastian (De Chica en Chica) to bring the story of a freelancer who takes her future into her own hands…even if that involves a lot of drama.


Cordileone stars as Billie, a woman with a loving fiancée and a terrible job. Her supervisor, Janey (Alexandra Billings) is a boss from hell, constantly trimming hours and health care without a concern. When one day she just can’t take it anymore, Billie up and quits in grand fashion. With a wedding to pay for and bills piling up, Billie looks for work, but it’s not until she bumps into a group of talented but defeated freelancers, that she finds something worthwhile.



Billie is smart but self-absorbed in her quest, which starts to wear on her dutiful fiancée, Gayle (Natasha Negovanlis), an actress who hosts a Liza Minnelli inspired wine-criticism show on Youtube and records the audiobooks for erotic novels. Negovanlis is endlessly charming as Gayle, who tap dances when she’s angry and has to deal with not only a flakey fiancée but also an overbearing mother. Cordileone is terrific as Billie, an idealist who tends to make all the wrong decisions in her pursuit of the big picture. This can also make Billie a tough character to side with at times, but it’s important to have characters whose actions and intentions aren’t always ideal. We keep asking for lesbian characters who are more than their sexuality and who don’t fall into the same old tropes. Billie is just that.



Freelancers Anonymous has a stand-out cast, filled with actors with keen comic timing. As the rightfully skeptical head of the freelancers, Gillian, Jennifer Bartels brings a gravitas to the role. In addition to Cordileone and Negovanlis, the film also features out actors Haviland Stillwell, as the amusingly flustered wedding planner Patty, and Megan Cavanagh as June, the freelancing peacemaker with a penchant for scented markers.

Rom-coms with lesbian and queer women characters are still few and far between, so it’s a real joy to see one pulled off with success. These characters have their flaws, and that’s exactly the point. There’s also a focus on women in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math), something that is getting more and more attention lately thanks to organizations like Lesbians Who Tech, Techwomen, and Techladies, to name a few.

If you are looking for a film that will have you laughing out loud, and complicated lesbians characters, check out Freelancers Anonymous.


You can pre-order Freelancers Anonymous now, before the official release on November 16th.


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