Four shows with lesbian and bi characters you might be missing (but shouldn’t)

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of TV to watch out there. Between network TV, cable, and streaming, a lot of good shows can get lost in the shuffle. Here are four shows that deserve your attention, and have major lesbian and bi characters as well.


The Handmaid’s Tale: Last year, The Handmaid’s Tale was all anyone could talk about, but it seems that the fervor has died down this year. Last year’s debut came on the heels of the election and at a time where women’s rights were in the crosshairs. Not much has changed, but viewers may just be a little fatigued with the real-life dramas we’re experiencing. This season takes a major departure from the original source material and continues the tale for June, Emily, Moira, and more. Season 2 delves into life in the colonies where Emily labors away, but still manages to help those who need it. There was also a touching lesbian wedding this season in the colonies, where try as they might, Gilead can’t crush the womens’ spirits completely. Moira is safe in Canada, but dealing with serious PTSD from her experiences as handmaid and jezebel. The show can be hard to watch sometimes, but it’s telling important stories and shouldn’t be missed.


The Good Fight: Why aren’t you watching one of the best streaming dramas around? The Good Wife spin-off is, I daresay, even better than the original, and focuses on the lives of three lady lawyers, Diane, Maia, and Lucca, as they deal with very different struggles within the same firm. This season has focused less on Maia, a lesbian whose father stands accused of orchestrating a Ponzi scheme, but her role has been important nonetheless. Early in the season, she watched her longtime girlfriend Amy testify against her in court. Maia is coming to realize the people she’s trusted and believed in don’t have her back, but has luckily found a family of sorts at Reddick Boseman.


Vida: This STARZ original is new, so if you haven’t discovered it yet, here’s your chance. Vida is the story of three women who have lost the woman they love, and are trying to figure out what to do next. Emma and Lyn are sisters, estranged from each other and their mother Vida. When Vida passes, the sisters find out that their mother had married a butch woman named Eddy, who runs Vida’s bar, and was in debt up to her eyeballs. To make matters more complicated, Emma was rejected by her mother for being into women, a fact that feels painfully hypocritical to Emma. The series takes place in a Mexican-American community in Los Angeles, where important conversations about race, politics, gentrification, and family are being had.


Critical Role: This Geek and Sundry show straddles the line between webseries and tv series because of its length, but either way, if you love sci-fi fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, and slow burn romance, you’ll want to check out Critical Role. The show’s premise is rather simple: a groups of voice actors get together and play a DND campaign. This season features characters Yasha (an antisocial barbarian) and Beauregard (a human monk with an undercut) who have an undeniable connection and attraction to each other. The episodes are long, ranging from three to four hours, but if you are winning to make an investment and love role play games and awkward gays, you’ll dig Critical Role. It’s on Youtube!


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