For National Book Lovers Day, check out these books with authors as their leading ladies

National Book Lovers Day is a real celebration around here. We adore books, the people that write them and the people that read them. Because of that, we’re highlighting some wonderful novels that feature authors as their protagonists, and putting them on a special ebook sale just for you!


Silent Heart by Claire McNab

You love her Carol Ashton series, so check out Silent Heart, a classic romance by Claire McNab originally written in 1993. Journalist Reyne Kendall is assigned to interview Professor Victoria Woodson, an expert of on the erotic writing of the Victorian era whose own book on the subject has hit the big time. Their personalities clash at first: Reyne is bold, vivacious, and an out lesbian. Victoria prefers the comfort of academia, and the shelter of the closet. Can these two form a real connection?


Conference Call by various, edited by Ann Roberts

This collection of short stories by your favorite authors has over 28 tales to get lost in. Authors at literary conferences, fans at Comicon, Conference Call has something for everyone.


Love By the Numbers by Karin Kallmaker

Behavioral scientist Professor Nicole Hathaway is as surprised as anyone when her intended academic tome becomes a commercial success. Her publisher has assigned her a number of assistants, none of which lasted very long. When disgraced society princess Lily Smith is assigned to be her newest assistant, Nicole assumes she’ll be just like the others. That’s until the sparks start flying.


Choosing Love by MB Panichi

Lesbian novelist Amry Marasich meets forestry officer Takoda Running Bear while vacationing in Minnesota, and their connection is undeniable. They’ll have to deal with a homophobic family, long distance, and what they are willing to face in order to embrace true love.


Homecoming by Celeste Castro

Destiny “Dusty” Del Carmen is a bestselling author who accepts an invitation to speak at a conference back in her home state of Idaho, a place she fled many years prior. Professor Morgan West is excited to meet one of her favorite authors, Dusty, at the conference, but a chance encounter that leaves them trapped in a rustic cabin will provide a lot more intimacy than your typical meet and greet.


Paperback Romance by Karin Kallmaker

Literary agent Alison hopes a trip to Paris will bring and her client, paperback romance writer Carolyn, closer together. But the city of love has plans for both women. Carolyn encounters a mysterious conductor hiding a big secret, and Alison is wooed by the sweet Samantha. Can both women break out of their past funks to embrace life’s delicious possibilities?


Back to Blue by Dillon Watson

A year long coma has robbed artist Summer Rain Baxby of her own memory, and left her with haunting flashes of someone else’s memories. When she’s introduced to author Renny Jamison, Rain feels like she might have a chance to move on to a new life. Dreams and images continue to haunt her however, and the only person who believes in her story is Renny.


Writing My Love by Claire McNab

Another fine romance by Claire McNab. Vonny Smith is a bestselling romance writer who is in love with her literary agent, Diana. Diana, unaware of Vonny’s feelings, is more concerned about Vonny’s looming deadline. Can Vonny find a way to express her affection for Diane through her writing?


Claire of the Moon by Nicole Conn

The story behind the famous lesbian movie! Claire Jabrowski and Dr. Noel Benedict initially clash when they meet at a writer’s colony on the coast of Oregon. Both have pain and heartache to work through, but their passionate connection can’t be denied.


Snow Falls by Gerri Hill

Writer Jennifer Kincaid is on her way to a writer’s workshop when she gets stranded by an avalanche in Colorado. Catherine Ryan Barrett just wants a little peace and quiet at her secluded cabin, and is surprised to find herself with a roommate and stranded under feet of snow. After two months together, they are rescued, but not before they have forged an unbreakable bond and attraction.

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