Foodies will want to check out “Carnivorous” with out host Courtney Rada

If you are a Food Network and Cooking Channel geek like me, then you may have noticed a new face this year. Actor and comedian Courtney Rada has been popping up on shows like Best Thing I Ever Ate, Beat Bobby Flay and Family Food Showdown. With a sharp blonde bob and and an even sharper wit, Rada has been charming her way into viewers hearts for the last year, and just a few weeks ago, her show Carnivorous debuted on Food Network.

Carnivorous is exactly what it sounds like, a show about all things meat. Typically, shows like this have been male-only territory on Food Network, but Rada breaks the mold in more ways than one. In a similar premise to shows like Burgers, Brews and Ques and Diners, Drive-in and Dives, Rada travels around the country looking for the best dishes. Unlike those shows, which feature bombastic dudes like Michael Simon and Guy Fieri, Carnivorous is very much about the craft and Rada’s appreciation for it.

Rada grew up in the restaurant business in South Jersey, and while she pursued a career in stand-up and acting, it’s clear that the food biz was always close to her heart. She started working for the Food Network in 2017 as part of their online Food Genius series. In two short years, she’s earned a spot with the big foodies, and when you watch Carnivorous, you’ll see why.

An out queer woman is a rare find when it comes to hosting food shows, and it’s exciting to see Rada, who talks openly about being a lesbian, take the reins of a new series. In Carnivorous, Rada spends time with chefs and learns how they create their meaty marvels. Rada clearly knows her way around a kitchen, but acts more as a proxy for the viewer, enjoying every sight and smell rising from the grill. She comes across as goofy and genuine, which is a delightful combination.

So, if you dig food of the meaty variety and want to support a rising lesbian star, check out Carnivorous on the Food Network.

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