Five quick facts about the Carol Ashton mystery series by Claire McNab

New releases are arriving soon, so what better time to celebrate best-selling author Claire McNab, who has been writing compelling mysteries for three decades. Here are some quick facts about the author, and her popular leading character, Carol Ashton.


1. The first book, Lessons in Murder, was published in 1988 by Naiad Press. Readers first met Detective Inspector Carol Ashton nearly thirty years ago, making the Carol Ashton series one of the longest-running and most beloved in lesbian fiction.

2. DI Carol Ashton is an Australian, just like author Claire McNab. This mystery series takes place across Australia and features the majestic sights and scenery of the continent. McNab now lives in Los Angeles, and is a nine-time Lambda Literary finalist.

3. There are seventeen books in the series, and Bella has been re-releasing these classic books in eBook format. Bella has made reading this exceptional mystery series easier than ever, by releasing books 1-16 as eBooks for our readers who prefer to use electronic devices. Now Carol Ashton is available to a new audience, and tried and true fans who have switched mediums.

4. Carol Ashton is a formidable force and a true hero. For far too long, lesbian characters have played villains and side characters in television and film. In these books, the lesbian is the hero, and Carol Ashton is a complex and sympathatic character who has been breaking the mold for thirty years.

5. The final Carol Ashton novel, Lethal Care, is out now. McNab has teamed up with longtime editor Katherine V. Forrest to bring a conclusion to Carol Ashton’s legacy with this taut mystery. Det. Ashton has two murders to solve, which may very well be connected. She must confront these crimes, all the while confronting her past and future.

Lethal Care is available now.

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