Five playlists inspired by your favorite lesbian, bi and queer ships

Fall is only a few days away and that means it’s a good time to refresh your tired old playlists and check out some new music. A few years ago I made playlists inspired by our favorite lesbian, bi and queer characters, and it got a lot of great response. Now here are five new playlists dedicated to five tv ships we love: Yolanda and Athie from GLOW, Jules and Rue from Euphoria, Ava and Sara from Legends of Tomorrow, Kat and Adena from The Bold Type, and Waverly and Nicole from Wynonna Earp. Each playlist is carefully crafted to represent the couple and the show, and are 90% women or nonbinary artists, so get your playlist on. (Just be aware that some songs may have explicit lyrics. Don’t worry, it says it in the description of the song.)

Yolanda and Arthie (Yolarthie) This playlist is made up of all women rock and pop artists from the early and mid-80s to best represent the music of GLOW.

Euphoria Hunter Schafer, Zendaya photo: HBO

Rue and Jules (Rules) The HBO show Euphoria has a massive soundtrack so I’ve taken clues from the sound of the show, and also songs that would strike a chord in the relationship between these two young women.

Kat and Adena (Kadena) The Bold Type has one of the best music supervisors out there, Rob Lowry, and it shows. Music is integral to the show, and the relationships therein, so I used the soundtrack fas inspiration and included a few of the artists already featured on the show. Kat and Adena’s romance is complicated, and this playlist underscores that.

Ava and Sara (Avalance): Legends of Tomorrow has a great ship in Avalance, one that has its playful moments, but also heartachingly serious ones. Crossing fingers that these two figure their stuff out next season.

Waverly and Nicole (Wayhaught) Last but certainly not least is Wayhaught, the ship from Wynonna Earp that fans fought long and hard for this year. Waverly might be an angel trapped in The Garden, but Wayhaught is stronger than anything mortal or mystical. In addition to trying to match the ebbs and flows of the Wayhaught romance, all the artists on this playlist are Canadian.

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    I love this

    Juliana y Valentina, (Juliantina play list)
    Amar a muerte

    Me muero – Carlos Rivera
    Eso es amor – Eunel
    Sofia – Clairo
    Summer depression – Girl in Red

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