Five Good and Gay Things This Week 4/6 – 4/10

This week’s Good and Gay is chocked full of exciting celebrations of all things queer—from coming out stories to the upcoming release of the Season 2 of Beacon Hill the Series. And we’ve got it all in one place just for you! Every week we gather the very best the internet has to offer in positive queer pop culture and this week is no different.

Of course, we would be remiss not to honor the memory of lesbian activist Phyllis Lyon who passed away this week at 95. Lyon was a pioneer of the lesbian and gay movements and we are grateful for all her work.

We also want to share that our parent site,, is running a Easter promotion this weekend. You can get 20% off orders of $25 or more when you use the code: Bunny2020, so go stock up on some novels bursting with positive queer content!

Beacon Hill the Series
Image courtesy Beacon Hill the Series
Beacon Hill the Series returns in a week

Beacon Hill the Series is back! Or well, almost. This delightful series left off Season One with one helluva cliffhanger. Seriously—Who is at the door?!?! I need to know! And, now that the series is back with a new cast and a whole new season, we can’t wait to see what happens between Sara and Katherine as they navigate politics, family, and the press. Catch up on Season One at Season Two of this Emmy-nominated drama releases April 17th, but is available for preorder now!

(Full disclosure: Bella Media Channel and Beacon Hill the Series are both owned by the same parent organization.)

Hollyoaks leans into the relationship between Juliet and Peri

Hollyoaks, a British soap opera, grapples with lots of real-world issues and draws in a large number of young viewers, so it’s a little different than most U.S.-based soaps. In an episode that flashed forward, Juliet and Peri were shown to have fallen in love, but in the current timeline, they’re both dating (pretty terrible) men. When Juliet learns that Peri had a past relationship with a woman, she’s pretty dang excited. The awkward, adorable exchange will just make your heart happy.

Someya’s new music video celebrates her bisexuality

Someya’s new music video for “I’m Hung Up Over You” drops today and it’s a beautiful celebration of the artist’s bisexuality. This video features the first on-screen female love interest for Someya. “As an artist and a bisexual woman, I think it’s extremely important for me to use my voice to represent this type of relationship openly, without sexualizing it,” Someya told Curve. “The display is meant to showcase the real love and heartache within a relationship between two women; I’m not try to pander to the idea of what people think a gay or lesbian relationship is supposed to look like, I’m telling it like it is in real life.”

The Half of It trailer drops

Alice Wu’s new YA romcom The Half of Itwill appear on Netflix on May 1, but the trailer dropped this week and if it doesn’t make you squeal with joy, I don’t know what will. The Half of It follows Ellie Chu, an introverted Chinese-American student who helps a jock woo a girl. In the process Ellie falls in love with the girl herself. WHOOPSIE DOODLE. This coming-of-age lesbian teen romcom promises to deliver big laughs, a lot of heart, and a fresh lens on queer love and self-acceptance.

Celebrities come out of the closet

This week a handful of celebrities busted their way out of the closet and proclaimed their truth. Rebecca Black, who you may remember from “Friday,” came out as queer. Moana star Auli’i Cravalho used a very cute TikTok video to come out as bisexual. After being outed by a tabloid, South African actor and singer Letoya Makhene made the best of things and confirmed that she’s a lesbian. And finally, Jacqueline Wilson, British author of the children’s books Tracy Beaker series, publicly came out as gay. The 74-year-old shared that she’s been in a loving relationship with her partner Trish for 18 years.

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