Five Good and Gay things this week: 3/9/20 – 3/13/20

It’s been a big week in all things STRESSFUL in the wider world. We’re facing conditions we’ve only ever really seen except in disaster fiction and it’s important that we all do our part to flatten the curve. So while you’re self-isolating, quarantining, and/or working from home, don’t worry. We’ll be here every week sharing five good and gay things that happened on the internet and in our lives. Shall we get into it?

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A lesbian at the CDC is giving people hope about COVID-19

When Tabor Bain tweeted about the lesbian at the CDC who was giving him hope, he set off a chain of reactions that communicated how much faith we all have in a determined lesbian with a lanyard. Jen Borneman, the worker who was featured in the CDC’s photo on Twitter, was in the COVID-19 emergency operations center at the time, but took time to respond to her warm reception. “Proudly fighting the good fight with my lanyard. #WashYourHands”

We love you, Jen!

M.O.M. horror film explores horror through a queer lens

Lesbian filmmaker Tucia Lyman’s new film M.O.M. premieres today in Los Angeles. M.O.M. which stands for Mothers of Monsters, follows one mother as she tries to figure out if her son is a psychopath. When she discovers she’s right, she decides to go public…but her son isn’t so happy with that idea and blackmails her. It’s a story about a mother’s devotion and a mother’s intuition about who her kid is. While the queerness of the film is more through lens and framing than subject matter, it’s always great to celebrate and support lesbian filmmakers!

The film will also be available to stream in digital form from various platforms.

Trucksluts, a rural queer publication, will be creating an uncensored physical publication

The online zine has been bringing representation of rural, country, and hick queer folks to Instagram since 2016. “I just wanted to see representation of people who grew up like me and look like me,” Trucksluts founder Tiffany Saint-Bunny told Kerrang. “I grew up in Oklahoma in the ‘90s, very rurally, also queer but into things like trucks, jumping trucks, beer…hanging out in fields and partying and shit, just as a homo. You see queer representation in the media, but it’s never that — it’s always people going to clubs, or raves. It’s pretty standard across the board. I wanted to see something that was more akin to my experience.”

The Last of Us adaptation will maintain Ellie’s lesbian identity and its integral role in her story

In the videogame Last of Us, a teenager named Ellie and an unlikely ally try to cross the U.S. which just so happens to have experienced a pandemic breakout leading to mutant cannibals. (I do not like typing these words right now. TOO SOON.) As game play proceeds, gamers learn about Ellie’s sexuality and past relationships through a series of flashbacks. Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) will be writing the HBO serial adaptation of Last of Us and confirmed on Twitter that Ellie will still be a lesbian in the adaptation. Hoorah for receipts!

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South Africa opens a queer wellness center—the first of its kind

The Queer Wellness Centre has opened in Johannesburg, bringing the first health center specifically geared toward treating LGBTQ+ patients to the African continent. The goal of the center is to provide stigma-free sexual and mental health services with a keen focus on exactly what LGBTQ+ people need. Claudia Do Vale, co-founder of the clinic and a kidney specialist, used her life savings to open the clinic because she believes in providing LGBTQ+ patients with the care they need, including fast-tracked transgender affirmation therapy.

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