Five Good and Gay things this week: 3/16/20 – 3/20/20

This week’s Good and Gay is completely focused on positive queer content you can stream right freaking now. We know everyone’s stuck indoors and trying to find ways to stay centered amid an uncertain time, so we wanted to give you Bella Media Channel-approved recommendations for viewing.

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Powerful queer animated short Reach the Sky now available online

Reach the Sky, a delightful and striking animated short, is now available to stream on Vimeo. As three queer friends grow apart, they find themselves and others. When they come back together, this diverse cast of LGBTQ+ characters find that their friendship was waiting for them all along. Trust me, there’s literally no way to spoil the experience of watching this breathtaking short. Make sure to stick through the credits to see some of your favorite LGBTQ+ heroes from history rendered as puppets. Talk about good and gay positive queer content! (Get some tissues!)

Motherland’s pilot doesn’t waste time getting to the good (read: gay) stuff

Motherland: Fort Salem premiered on FreeForm this week. In this alternate history take on the U.S. witches weren’t burned at the stake, but rather, conscripted into service with the U.S. military. Witches, who control their powers through choral-ish sounds, have fought every battle since before the U.S. was founded. Motherland follows three young witches as they go through boot camp—including lesbian Raelle as she meets her new lady love, Scylla. And this isn’t some slowburn romance. We get to see queer kisses in Episode 1. Creator Eliot Lawrence is queer, so he wanted to explore queerness through the ultimate outsiders: witches.

Feel Good brings lesbian life lessons and laughs to Netflix

Based on the life of lesbian comic Mae Martin, the show follows a fictional version of Mae as she tries to make it as a stand-up comic—while in recovery from addiction. Mae has to learn about controlling her addictive tendencies while exploring her intense romantic relationship with someone new. Lisa Kudrow plays Mae’s intense mother. The series promises a big heart and big laughs.

Vida Season 3 trailer appears

The trailer for Season 3 of Vida, a trailblazing series for the representation of Latinx and LGBTQ folks, has dropped and it looks gooooood. Mexican American sisters (Lyn and Emma) have taken over their mother’s bar in the middle of a gentrifying East L.A. neighborhood. Oh and Emma is queer AF. Season 3 focuses on the sisters’ relationship with their father, with each other, and the wider world. No bones about it, as Emma says in the trailer, Season 3 is “so gay.”

There is some bad news here. Unfortunately Starz has canceled the series—but if One Day at a Time can rise again, maybe fans can save this incredible and equally important series, too.

Sam Smith sends an encouraging and thoughtful message including an invitation to a sing-along

Nonbinary musician, Sam Smith, wants to do their part to help alleviate the stress during this “weird, weird time.” Smith, who is seen sniffling due to allergies, reminds folks to share food, look out for one another, and find meaningful ways to pass the time indoors. In the short video, they also announce that they’ll be sharing some new music and hosting a sing-along, so that we can all be together in another way.

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