Five good and gay things that happened this week: 9/28-10/4

Happy Friday to you!

It’s a wrap on the filming of Beacon Hill Season Two.  Here’s some awesome news from Jessica and Linda about Beacon Hill. “Chemistry on the set was absolutely amazing, especially between our two new leading ladies—Marem Hassler and Nadia Bjorlin. Can’t wait to share more behind-the-scenes photos and trailers coming soon. You can help funding post production at our Indiegogo page.” For more information, photos, etc., check out the website:

Upcoming film Honor takes a look at the struggles of a queer Mormon student at BYU. Starring and written by Lauren Knoll, and featuring Lily Richards (Twenty), character Laine “faces expulsion from BYU with her graduation around the corner after her roommate hears her in bed with a woman and turns her into the Honor Code. Upon being invasively questioned, Laine is granted a troubling option to save her degree, forcing her to choose between her heart and her faith.” The film has an all women cast, and is produced by Caitlin Combe (Twenty). Honor is currently trying to gather funding, which you can find here.

Get ready for more queer comic books! Publisher Abrams is launching a new imprint, Surely Books, which will be led by artist and writer Mariko Tamaki. The imprint will focus on LGBTQ content and will include an illustrated biography of Patricia Highsmith.

Source: Teen Vogue

Beanie Feldstein is taking over the world and we’re here for it. The queer Booksmart actress is featured in Teen Vogue where she talks about her blossoming career, her girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts, and overall being fabulous (my words, not Beanie’s).

Source: Netflix

Netflix’s Atypical returns for Season 3 on November 1st. The beloved series about Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, and his family is coming back and soon! Hopefully a big part will focus on Sam’s sister Casey, and her expanding relationship with best friend Izzie. The two almost kissed in Season Two and were last seen holding hands.

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