Five good (and gay) things that happened this week: 8/18-8/24

Happy Friday! Here is some good and gay news to get you through the day.


1. A gay Oklahoma! As a musical theatre major, I can’t tell you how geeked I am about this gender-bent version of Oklahoma at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this season. In this version of the classic musical, Curly is a woman who just wants to take lovely lady Laurie out in a surrey with the fringe on top. Beloved character Ado Annie has also been transformed into Ado Andy, who is trying to decide if he should settle down with Will Parker. Aunt Eller is played by transgender actress, Bobbi Charlton. This Oklahoma is groundbreaking and I’m looking on Orbitz right now to see if I can find a flight out to Oregon. The show has been playing since April but seemingly overnight this week it was the talk of the town. You can catch Oklahoma until October 27th.



2. More theatre! Out actress Kirsten Vangsness is playing Marian in a genderbent take on Robin Hood. Out bi actress Kirsten Vangness, who we all love from Criminal Minds, has deep roots in the theatre and appears often on the stage when she’s not filming. Her newest project is Marian, The True Tale of Robin Hood, that posits that Maid Marian has always been Robin Hood in disguise. Many of her Merry Men are also women. No word yet if there’s any same-sex romance, but the premise is enough to get one to the theatre fast. Marian opened this week and runs through September 22nd in LA.



I am still trying to comprehend what happened last night. YOU ALL WON US A MOON PERSON. Like. When they gave this to me I couldn’t formulate words properly so I need to take a moment to thank you. This isn’t about a trophy. It’s about representation and opportunity. And I wanna thank everyone who has been along on this journey with me from the beginning. Every single video, every single fan, every single friend, thank you. To everyone out there who’s striving and working to achieve their dreams .. this is proof that every time someone tells you no because your not straight enough, masculine enough, feminine enough, or simply that you are just not enough, you are more than enough. And you can do this. So keep going. This is dedicated 100% to my fans. I love you. I AM FREAKING OUT

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3. Hayley Kiyoko took home a VMA award. Congrats to Hayley Kiyoko who won the fan voted “Push Artist of the Year.” Kiyoko sent out words of encouragement to her fans when she picked up her award. “This validates any queer woman of color that you can follow your dreams.”



4. Sarah Paulson makes raffles look super scary. Out actress and Ryan Murphy muse will be appearing in the new American Horror Story season, Apocalypse, and in this teaser, she’s running one hell of a raffle. AHS Apocalypse begins September 12th.



5. We’re getting more GLOW. Thank heavens, we were starting to get worried there. Here’s hoping we get to see more of Arthie and Yolanda’s new romance.

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