Five good and gay things that happened this week: 8/24-8/30

Happy Friday and greetings from Brazil!

Tegan and Sara’s new video dropped. Is it just me or like a fine wine, do Tegan and Sara just get better with age? Their new single “”I’ll Be Back Someday” is a real bop, and the video features a lot of close ups on the twin sisters goofing off and being overall awesome.

Lesbian icon Cate Blanchett got bronzed. Ok so Cate might be straight, but we queer ladies sure do love her. Blanchett, along with nine other icons including Janet Mock and P!nk, were made into bronze statues and places around NYC as part of the Statues of Equality collection.

Is queerness afoot in the AHS 1984 trailer? After tons of teasers, a full-length trailer dropped this week for the latest American Horror Story, and the first scene shows two campers bunking up together. Who knows if this is the past, the present, or anything at all. We’ll have to tune in 9/18 on FX to find out.

Ellen is helping develop a new series on the CW, How to Get Run Over By a Truck. Yes, that’s the name, and it’s based on the true story of a young woman who was run over by an 18-wheeler and was taken to Rikers Island Hospital to be treated by their trauma unit. It does seem like an unorthodox project for DeGeneres to take on, but she’s working with the team behind the Broadway musical, Come From Away, who have proved they can bring the humor and substance to serious subjects.

Author JD Glass’ novel Punk Like Me being adapted for TV. Congrats to JD Glass who just inked a deal with Canada’s OUTtv to bring her coming of age queer story to the screen. You can pick up a copy of Punk Like Me here!

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