Five good and gay things that happened this week: 7/19-7/26

Happy Friday! Here are some good and gay things to get you ready for the weekend.

Grab the tissues, Orange is the New Black‘s final season is available now. Seven seasons. OITNB has made a monumental impact on the television landscape and fans alike. I’ll be sequestering myself in the house for the weekend to watch it. How about you?

Source: Megan Rapinoe Facebook

Megan Rapinoe now has a book deal, is world’s most powerful lesbian. Congrats to soccer star Rapinoe who now has a book deal with Penguin Press for a 2020 release. She’ll be talking about all things soccer, but also LGBTQ rights, equal pay and more.

Harley Quinn is getting her own animated series, trailer hints at relationship with Poison Ivy. At San Diego ComicCon this past week, Warner Bros unveiled a look at the very much for adults Harley Quinn animated series. In the comic books, Harley has a relationship with fellow villain Poison Ivy and from the looks of the trailer (which is super NSFW) they may just be bringing their love to the series as well.

Hayley Kiyoko continues to be adorable, reveals the playlist of her life to Teen Vogue. Hayley shares the songs that have shaped her as a person and a songwriter, so get ready for some sweet late-90s and early 00s tunes. She talks about how many of the songs were gay anthems to her. “Whether it was gay or not, I made it gay, cuz I’m gay.” Same, girl, same.

Source: Marvel Studios

QUEER VIKINGS EVERYWHERE. Between Valkyrie becoming Marvel’s first bisexual superhero in Thor 4, and lesbian viking comic book Heathen getting the film treatment, Norse mythology and vikings are the new vampires. Thank Valhalla.

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