Five good (and gay) things that happened this week: 6/30-7/6

Happy Friday. It’s hot and your dogs are terrified from a week of non-stop fireworks. Here’s some good and gay news!


1. Wynonna Earp gets a new teaser, and Nicole Haught gets a tie. Buckle up for this fast and frenzied teaser where Wynonna has a little trouble with Peacemaker, but it’s ok because Nicole Haught is in her dress blues and it’s wonderful. (Side note, I’m pleased to see how Syfy is really promoting WE this year. Check out their Youtube for the Wayhaught Rewind vids.)



2. Irish dads surprise their LGBTQ kids by joining them for pride. DublinBus company came out with a video this week that will make your heart happy. “Proud Dads” features Irish men celebrating their LGBTQ kids by joining them for Dublin Pride and a ride on the Pride bus.




3. The UK is banning conversion therapy. In big news from across the pond, as part of the UK’s LGBT Action Plan, the United Kingdom will be banning conversion therapy, the harmful practice of trying to change a person’s sexuality. Currently only thirteen US states ban conversion therapy, along with another thirty-seven cities and municipalities.


Source: Mayor Anne Hidago’s Twitter

4. In response to anti-gay graffiti, Paris decides to make their rainbow crosswalks permanent. Viva la France! After Paris’ Pride-inspired crosswalks were vandalized, the mayor of the city, Anne Hidalgo, announced via Twitter that the colorful celebration would become a permanent fixture of the city.


Source: giphy


5. Actress Tessa Thompson comes out as bisexual. Right after posting last week’s 5G&G, Tessa Thompson dropped the news that she’s bisexual! In an interview with Net-A-Porter, Tessa opened up about her sexuality, her career  and her connection with Janelle Monae (she did not confirm a relationship, however). It’s wonderful to have such a popular and beloved young actress come out and speak her truth.

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