Five good and gay things that happened this week: 5/25-5/31

Happy Friday, here’s some good news to kick off the weekend.


1. Amber Benson stars in a new horror film as a gay anthropology professor. Sign us up! Benson’s film, The Nightmare Gallery, just found a distributor which means it will be in out hot little hands soon. June 18th to be exact. The film is described thusly. “An anthropology professor’s obsession with a paranormal mystery threatens her job, marriage, and sanity as she fights to find a missing student.” Yes.


Source: Booksmart movie

2. Booksmart star Beanie Felstein talks about being queer in real life. If you haven’t seen the whipsmart teen comedy, Booksmart, you’ll want to check out this straight/queer buddy film asap. Feldstein, who plays the straight but very supportive part of the duo, Molly, recently talked to People Magazine about how important the film’s queer love scene is. “The only love scene in the film is a queer love scene, and that’s so radical,” Feldstein told People. “By doing that, you’re asking that to be the norm. By showing queer sexuality, and making heterosexual people relate to it is actually really deeply meaningful.” She also opens up about having a girlfriend and being queer in real life. Yay, Beanie!



3. New Netflix film, Trinkets, stars out actor Brianne Hildebrand as a queer character. The new film, which is based on a YA novel by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, debuts on June 14th and is about a group of three young women who meet in a Shoplifters Anonymous group. Hildebrand plays Elodie, one of the trio of teens. 



4. Wanda Sykes steps in for Ellen, hilarity ensues. Out comedian Wanda Sykes took over hosting duties for Ellen DeGeneres this week on Ellen, and brought the funny as usual.



5. Queering the Script documentary debuts at Inside/Out Festival in Toronto, has the gay goods. The new documentary by filmmaker Gabrielle Zilkha is all about the rise of queer fandom from Xena to current shows like Pose. the film is heading to Frameline next, and folks who are into fandom won’t want to miss it. Oh and by the way, I’m featured in Queering the Script!


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