Five good and gay things that happened this week: 3/30-4/5

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All hail the queen. Out bisexual actress Briana Venskus (Supergirl, Walking Dead) was crowned Queen of the 72nd Azalea Festival in North Carolina. She is the first openly queer woman to wear the crown.

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There’s nothing cheesy about these lesbian “chesbians.” Munchies,’s food-focused vertical, recently profiled queer women who are making a splash in the gourmet cheese scene. Yes, lesbians love cheese, and there’s nothing you can fondu about it. (I’m sorry.)

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Lesbians mayors are taking over America! (Well, not really, but a couple just won elections) Big congrats to mayor-elects Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, Illinois and Satya Rhodes-Conway of Madison, Wisconsin. Both women won elections this week. Jolie Justus, also openly gay, won her primary this week in St. Louis, Missouri and heads to the June general election.

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"Nobody gets to be a champion without the love and support of so many people. I want to thank everybody in my life that helped me get here. My family, my friends, my partners. my bubbie @msnowhite My shaper Ian Wright @aftermathsurfboards . All the different sponsors I’ve had. People that coached me, trained me, the WSL, the water safety, the photographers and the fans. Thank you. This is for my son Kekoa. He lives hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean. Not being in my sons life as much as I would like to be has been one of the most painful sacrifices I have had to make for the sport that I love. My son is 7 years old. Who here knew what they wanted to be when they were 7 years old? I did. I wanted to be world champion. That was my big dream. When I was 25 it looked like my dream was going to come true and then at the last moment it slipped through my fingers and I finished #2 in the world. I was devastated and when I walked away from the tour a couple years later I felt like my life was over because I failed at my big dream. When I look back now what I’ve realized is that that wasn’t really my dream at all… because I wasn’t dreaming BIG enough and that wasn’t the end that was in fact just the beginning. Now Im part of an elite group of athletes that are riding waves that are so big and so challenging that we are pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible and that inspires both men and women all over the world to push their own limits. I wasn’t dreaming big enough because the 25 year old me was hiding in the closet, soaked in shame, living in fear of people finding out and hating myself because I didn’t think you could be world champion AND be gay. I needed to dream bigger because now I get to be the first openly gay world champion and I get to proud of who I am and I get love myself just as I am not as others want me to be. It’s my hope that I will inspire other LGBT athletes that are suffering in silence to live their truth. I needed to dream… so- much- bigger because when I was 25 the prize $ for the men and women athletes was radically different and now I get to be world champion with equal prize $

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Openly gay surfer Keala Kennelly wins Women’s Big Wave World Title. The championship surfer was awarded the major honor for her incredible performances in 2018. She gave an impassioned speech about coming out and living life authentically. You can read the speech above.

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“Alleged Lesbian Activities” tries to bring a piece of lesbian night-life back to Boston. As many cities have, Boston has lost its lesbian and queer-centric spaces in the last few years. A performance/multi-media theatre piece, Last Call, was originally started in New Orleans in response to losing their last lesbian bar. Boston theatre company, The Theater Offensive, has teamed up with Last Call to bring the same magic to Beantown.

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