Five good and gay things that happened this week: 2/2-2/8

Happy Friday!


1. The Walking Dead introduces a new lesbian couple. They found love in a hopeless place. While fighting walkers and Whisperers, survivors Magna and Yumiko managed to forge a loving bond on The Walking Dead. The couple who also appear in the comic books will have their relationship explored when the show returns this weekend, February 10th. TWD doesn’t have the best track record with keeping LGBTQ characters alive, so start lighting your prayer candles now.


Source: Variety


2. Brandi Carlile gets some love in Variety. Out singer/songwriter Carlile is nominated for six Grammy awards and was profiled this week in Variety. She speaks candidly about being an LGBTQ artist, her family life, and the all-women musical group she’s forming, The Highwomen, whose roster is under wraps for now. (There’s gotta be an Indigo Girl in there.)


3. Get ready for Douglas. Just when you thought Hannah Gadsby was retiring from stand-up (because she said so) the comedian has just announced that she’ll be touring the US with a new show called, Douglas. Douglas is named after her pup.


4. Mara Wilson for the win. Out queer actress Mara Wilson has been slaying the Twitter game for years, and her latest entry will give you a good chuckle.



Source: George Wafula illustrator and the BBC


5. The BBC present a stunning piece on how lesbian and bisexual women communicate in countries where homosexuality is illegal. This is a must-read piece, which shares the stories of many women in love where exile, imprisonment or even death are repercussions for loving someone society deems unacceptable.


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