Five good and gay things that happened this week: 2/1-2/7

Hello and happy Friday! Here’s some good and gay goodies for you.

SNL and Kate McKinnon go there, and won’t Let it Go. Saturday Night Live poked a little fun at the Frozen franchise and Elsa finally gets to be gay! The clip is a little NSFW, FYI, OK?

Birds of Prey is finally here and it’s pretty queer. Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn is back and better than ever, including a reveal of a past girlfriend, and of course, lesbian detective Renee Montoya.

Thank the sitcom gods, One Day at a Time is taping again! Now at its new home on POP, ODAAT and its heartwarming goodness is gearing up for a new season after a long time away.

CBS’s Tommy began this week. Check out this clip of new LA police chief Tommy (Edie Falco) discussing with her team if she should be out and proud.

Congrats to Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards who will become the first same-sex couple to marry in Northern Ireland. Check out this sweet and thoughtful interview with the BBC.

NFL coach Katie Sowers’ team may not have one the SuperBowl, but Coach Katie did as the first openly gay coach at the big game. Congrats anyway Katie, I’m sure we’ll see you again on the field.

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