Five good (and gay) things that happened this week: 1/20-1/26

Another week over, more good and gay things to come.

1. Out gay cinematographer Rachel Morrison is the first women to be nominated for an Oscar in her field. Morris has been nominated for an Academy Award for her spectacular work in Dee Rees’ Mudbound. She’s also the cinematographer for the upcoming Marvel superhero film, Black Panther.


2. You can stream Season Two of One Day at a Time RIGHT NOW! ODAAT is back on Netflix we are going to see Elena purse another girl, with the support (and advice) of her family. At a press screening this week, co-creator and executive producer Gloria Calderon Kellett also emphasized how important it is to have LGBTQ writers in the room.”We just lean so much on our LGBTQ writers to make sure we weren’t falling into any tropes. I hope people will be very satisfied with the way we talk about it.”


  3. Legends of Tomorrow might just be making AvaLance the real deal?  In an interview with SYFY Wire, actress Caity Lotz shared that her character Sarah Lance (badass bisexual) and Agent Ava Sharpe (Jes McCallan) might be heading past Gal Pal Land and heading to Girlfriendville. The AvaLance talk begins at around the 1:50 minute mark.


4. Katchoo and Francine are back! Strangers in Paradise, the beloved comic book series by Terry Moore, returned after a decade long hiatus. Katchoo and her longtime love, Francine, are married now and raising a family, so when something from Katchoo’s dark past threatens their happiness, she gets back into the game. Even sister Tambi is there to lend some serious muscle. Issue #1 is on sale now.


5. Black Lightning hits all the right notes with Anissa’s storyline. This week on the second episode of Black Lightning, Anissa begins figuring out her newfound powers, and enjoys a passionate and playful scene with girlfriend, Chenoa. The super sexy and realistic scene was a big step forward for LGBTQ portrayals on TV and gave Anissa’s relationship the same weight that a straight character would have. Spoiler alert…we know that Anissa and Chenoa aren’t endgame (Anissa and yet to be introduced Grace Choi are canon in the comics) but it’s fabulous to see anyway.

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