Five good and gay things that happened this week: 12/21-12/27

It’s the last good and gay of 2019! Here’s one more before we head into 2020, or hopefully, 20-plenty.

Hannah Hart plays chemistry games with the cast of The L Word Generation Q. Harto is at it again, bringing some fun and frivolity to the L Word press tour.

Speaking on The L Word, Trish Bendix has the scoop on where to be gay in LA, and see some of the new L Word hot spots.

Bisexual actress and activist Stephanie Beatriz chats queer Latinex representation with The Hollywood Reporter. Fans of Beatriz should definitely check out The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast where she chats with the two hosts about representation in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and much more.

You can now watch the full version of award-winning short film, August in the City. After a couple years on the festival circuit, you can now finally check out Lisa Tedesco and Christie Conochalla‘s August in the City, starring Daniela Mastropietro & Mandahla Rose.

Is 2019 the year that lesbian culture went viral? Wired contributor Jill Gutowitz makes the case.

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