Five good (and gay) things that happened this week: 1/13-1/9

Happy Friday! Here’s some good and gay news to start off the weekend.


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1. We get a tasty bite of what’s in store for S3 of Wynonna Earp. Jonesing for some Wynonna Earp scoop? Who isn’t. The show is currently filming it’s third season and showrunner Emily Andras sat down with the Calgary Herald to share some tidbits. Calgary happens to be Andras’ hometown, so it’s an extra special treat.


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2. Youtube star Chrissy Chambers wins a huge case against revenge porn and scores a fiancee the same day. Chrissy, of Bria and Chrissy Youtube fame, won a major case this week against her former boyfriend who filmed her having sex without her knowledge, then posted them to a porn site. The case that took place in Britain, is the first civil case of it’s kind and this could bring justice to other people in similar situations. In addition to winning her case, Chrissy proposed to longtime girlfriend and collaborator, Bria Kam. She said yes! Congrats to the couple.

3. After sixty-three years, a lesbian airwoman get the honorable discharge she deserved. Back in 1955, Helen Grace James was the victim of lavender scare, and was investigated and interrogated for being a lesbian. She was undesirably discharged, and lost all rights to benefits befitting military personnel. This week, she got a letter changing her discharge status to honorable. The ninety year old vet filed a lawsuit this month to have the discharge amended, and it looks like her voice was finally heard and her service honored.


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4. Your crush and mine, Lena Waithe, will be guest starring on This is Us. Get the tissues, because the NBC sobfest is about to get even better. Lena will be guest starring as, wait for it, an animal shelter employee. If she is holding a puppy, I might just lose it.


5. Kadena! Kadena! The Bold Type on Freeform just announced that actress Nikohl Boosheri will be joining the cast as a series regular, which means we’ll be seeing much more Kat and Adena’s romance in Season 2. Hurrah!

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