Five good (and gay) things that happened this week: 11/3-11/9

Happy Friday to all!


1. A rainbow wave, indeed! 153 LGBT candidates have been elected to office this mid-term, which is more than any other time in history. Winners include new congresswomen Sharice Davids (pictured above) and Angie Craig, Governor Kate Brown, and new Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Congrats to all, and may our future be brighter because of it.



2. ClexaCon London was a blast! First, a big thanks to Lara Hayes who stepped in while I was over in London. I was lucky enough to attend the ClexaCon across the pond, and it was as gay and lovely as you could imagine. I met LGBTQ folks from around the globe and the atmosphere was one of joy and excitement.


Source: DC


3. The Flash’s Nora West-Allen is family. Welcome to the community, Nora! This week on The Flash, it was revealed that Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, Nora, likes the ladies. Very exciting to add another queer superhero to the family. Nora is played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, who also famously played bisexual brothel-owner Max in Black Sails.


4. Queer food? Sounds delicious. Check out this fascinating piece in the Chicago Tribune about “queer food” which features two LGBTQ cookbook authors and chefs.


Source: Ebone Bell’s Twitter


5. Tagg Magazine founder Eboné Bell is featured in Forbes Magazine. Congrats to the terrific Eboné Bell, who created and runs the DC-based lesbian, bi and queer magazine, Tagg. This is a great interview about why Eboné started Tagg and how it continues to grow.

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