Five good and gay things that happened this week: 10/26-11/1

Happy Friday! We’re officially into November now, which means you can pre-order new releases. Here’s some good news to get your weekend started off.

Leave it to Kristen Stewart to dress up as a dead softball player for Halloween. But that’s not all! Stewart tells Jimmy Fallon that she and girlfriend Dylan Meyer decided to dress as “socially irrelevant heteronormative gender roles…that are dead!” You do you, K-Stew.

It doesn’t get much gayer than Kristen Stewart and Kate McKinnon in this promo for SNL. More K-Stew, you say? Sure! The queer actress is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and appears in this swoontastic promo with lesbian cast member, Kate McKinnon.

Lesbian couple kicks off their nuptials by doing a little deadlifting. Fitness buffs Lisa Yang and Wek Hernandez performed a tandem deadlift of 253 pounds in their wedding gowns and in front of friends and family. Ain’t love grand?

Claudia López makes history as Columbia’s first lesbian mayor. Congratulations to Mayor Elect Claudia Lopez, who was voted Bogota, Columbia’s first woman and first lesbian mayor. Lopez ran on an anti-corruption and pro-minority rights platform.

Queer webcomic Quantum Disaster kicks off. Artist Maryne, who is well-known in queer fandom for her unique illustrations and art, has just unveiled her new webcomic, Quantum Disaster. According to Maryne, the webcomic is about “Two vastly different girls newly working in the same tabletop game cafe (The Goblin’s Lair) seem to share a mysterious destiny as other versions of themselves start appearing in their dreams, and their lives. As well as these doppelgangers, other strange and much more dangerous  entities suddenly start seeping into their world, leaving them to wonder: ‘Why them? Why now? And especially: How?!’. Begrudgingly, they have to join forces to uncover that mystery and protect themselves-as well as their friends and their town-from these worrying phenomenons.” The first 11 pages are available now and you can support Maryne and the comic here.

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