Five Good and Gay things this week: 3/2/20 – 3/6/20

It’s so exciting to be taking over as managing editor of Bella Media Channel! I completely adore Bella Books and love our commitment to uplifting positive queer content. Five Good and Gay is an amazing recurring article created by our very own former managing editor and current Bella author, Dana Piccoli.

This week’s Five Good and Gay is all about women loving women across TV and film. Enjoy!

Wonder Woman is gay in Superman: Red Son. In the animated film that was recently released, an alternate universe Superman tries to put moves on Wonder Woman and she helps him understand that where she’s from, there are only women. Quick, someone book me a ticket to the sapphic wonderland that is Themiscyra!

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The Clifford the Big Red Dog reboot shows lesbian moms just being moms. Dr and Ms. Mulberry are the parents of Samantha, a child on the series who goes over to Emily Elizabeth and Clifford’s house for a barbecue. Catch their normalcy in Season 1, Episode 19 “The Big Red Tomato/Dogbot.”

Australian queer teen romcom Ellie and Abbie (And Ellie’s Dead Aunt) continues to gain viewer support. The film opened the Mardi Gras Film Festival and is set for another showing at Brisbane Queer Film Festival. Following Ellie and Abbie as they prepare for year 12 formal (Australian prom), the film was created by Monica Zanetti to be a family-friendly lesbian romance.

The Shakedown documentary tells the story of pop-up lesbian strip clubs that existed Los Angeles in the 2000s. I genuinely never thought I’d be writing these words, but the film will be available on both PornHub and Criterion. The film represents the underground, Black lesbian owned and operated eponymous strip club and the Shakedown Angels who were the club’s performers. This unique documentary promises to be enlightening.

Gina Torres will play a vampire queen in Brides, a Dracula reimagining on ABC. Torres plays one of the three wives of Dracula—a former queen turned vampire turned vampire real estate tycoon—but the wives seem to have moved on from their powerful ex in favor of their non-traditional family. Though the queerness isn’t explicit in the announcement, it’s hard not to see three wives forming a non-traditional family as pretty damn queer.

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