February’s new releases are bold and bright

Winter may still be here but things are warming up. February’s new releases bring unlikely partnerships, delicious pairings, and dashing duos.

My Lady Lipstick by Karin Kallmaker

Bestselling romance writer Paris Ellison is feeling the heat to reveal the truth behind her famous writer facade, Anita Topaz. When Lady Diana Beckinsale offers Paris a solution to her problem, but playing to role of Anita in front of her adoring fans. Begrudgingly, Paris accepts Diana’s help and the two women find there’s a lot to gain from the arrangement, both professionally and personally.


Cracking Love by Emily King

In this Bella debut novel by Emily King, pharmacist Janet Webber moves to they agricultural center of California for a new start and a new job. She meets walnut farmer Gail Lawrence, who not only lights a fire in Janet, but inspires her to follow a culinary dream.


Shieldmaiden Book 2: Jewel of Fire by GL Roberts

The much anticipated Book 2 in the Shieldmaiden series is here! The future of a united Alban is in the hands of Lady Athebryn and Princess Thalynder. They ready for a battle that could bring peace or destruction to their beloved land, and rule by a vicious enemy.



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