Fantastical Novels to Warm You up this Fall

It’s fall! Cue the crunchy leaves, chilly weather and pumpkin spice everything. Fall might be short but there’s a reason we all love it so much. It also happens to be the perfect time to curl up and get cozy with a great book. We have a selection of fantastic fantasy and speculative novels to kick off your fall and get you in the mood to spend a few hours curled up next to the fire. As an added bonus, these ebooks are now on sale for a limited time!

Demon in the Machine by Lise MacTague

This steam-punk novel will satisfy those who love fantasy and also historic novels. Briar is a half-demon who lives a quiet life as an archivist until she is thrust into a devious plot involving a new invention. Socialite Isabella Castel becomes Briar’s unlikely partner in exposing the big secret. Can these two put aside their differences in order to stop something truly dangerous?


The Dawning by Karin Kallmaker

Amanda Martin is still mired in guilt thirteen years after an explosion she was connected to destroyed the lives of countless people. She shuts herself away until one fateful night, a storm brings a dangerous flood and Amanda saves the life of a stranger. When the mud clears, the stranger Sharon is revealed to be one of the seven people Amanda saw die the night of the explosion. Does Sharon hold the key to changing Amanda’s past?


San Francisco police officer Dani Barsetti finds herself sucked through time while chasing a suspect. Now three centuries in the future, the group that created the wormhole wants to send Dani back to stop a dangerous terrorist. When Dani arrives back home, her trip through time has erased her from the past, and her wife Gemma doesn’t know her. Can Dani stop the terrorist and woo Gemma all over again before it’s time to go back to the future?


A Fugitive’s Kiss by Jaime Clevenger

The powerfully gifted Darin is on the run from hunters who want to capture her, and she finds a safe hiding place in an out-of-the-way barn. When Aysha stumbles upon the mysterious stranger, she also finds herself in the crosshairs of the hunters. Together they must work together to escape the hunters and their pasts.


Pixie by D Jordan Redhawk

In this sequel to Darkstone, a door has been opened between the human world and the fairy dimension, unleashing all kinds of creatures and dangers. Gillie decides to leave her home in England to explore this mystical new world, and meets the blue-haired Lindsay. Their attraction is instant, but Gillie has a dark creature hot on her trail and doesn’t want to pull Lindsay into it. Fate has a way of deciding such things however, and the two women take off together to find out who wants Gillie dead and why.


Slow Burn by Marlene Leach

In a dystopian future, Sheriff Lydia Thompson is feeling hopeless after her lover Leah was taken as a political prisoner the year before and the city she is sworn to protect rots away with corruption and a constant state of fear. A young woman named Kay Majerra appears in Lydia’s life with a mission: to rescue Leah, who may be the key to uniting the people against the evil forces that want to keep society under their thumb.


The Strange Path by D Jordan Redhawk

The Strange Path is book one of the Sanguire trilogy. Whiskey is saved from a brutal beating by a group of young, rich punks and decides to stay with them for a night or two. While they lavish money and the like on her, Whiskey knows that nothing comes without a price. What lies ahead is the Strange Path, and Whiskey must decide if she’s willing to walk it.

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