Delicious romances for summer

Bakers. Chefs. Caterers. These romances feature women who excel in the culinary arts…and affairs of the heart. Tomorrow is the official start of summer, so jump in with these tasty romances perfect for vacation reads, sitting on the beach or patio. And right now, you can get these ebooks at a discount!

Cracking Love by Emily King

Pharmacist Janet Webber moves to the agricultural center of California for a fresh start and a new job. There she meets walnut farmer Gail Lawrence, who not only lights a fire in Janet, but inspires her to follow a culinary dream.

Yours for the Asking by Kenna White

Lauren Roberts is nothing if not responsible, running her bed and breakfast like clockwork, and dealing with her free-spirited sister Kelly. Lauren is still stinging from when she was thrown over by an ex for her sister. When Kelly sets her eyes on Lauren’s friend Gaylin Hart, Lauren can see history repeating itself, but only if she lets it.

Side Order of Love by Tracey Richardson

Chef and cookbook author Grace Wellwood is the toast of the Boston. If only her personal life was nearly as successful as her professional one. When her long-awaited vacation is interrupted by a request to cater a women’s golf tournament, Grace is feeling as sour as a lemon tart. When young upstart Torrie Cannon sets her sights on Grace, Grace is wary. Grace is looking for love, while Torrie’s reputation is more the love em’ and leave em’ kind. But there’s a first time for everything!

Savor the Moment by Dana Piccoli

When rising star musician Nat Chambers first lays eyes on pastry chef Maddie LaDuke, she falls head over heels. Literally. Still carrying around a load of hurt from her last relationship, and a serious case of writer’s block, can Nat get past her own insecurities to embark on a tasty new romance with the sweet and beautiful chef?

Unbroken Circle by Mary Griggs

In the tiny town of Pennington, Alabama, Sallie Lee Hybart isn’t used to seeing strangers at her diner. However, when the down-on-her-luck Janet Bouton arrives at her establishment, Sallie Lee realizes there’s something familiar about the women. Janet isn’t a stranger to Pennington, and her past still haunts her and the other people of the town. Sallie is drawn to Janet, however. Can they push past bad memories and simmering resentments in the town to make something together?

Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker

Laura Izmani and Helen Baynor meet while taking a symbolic ride on the biggest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast, but part shortly thereafter, strangers once again. It isn’t until decades later when their paths cross again, and Helen applies to be Laura’s private chef. Helen, a famous stage actress and mother of two teenagers, appears to have forgotten about their first encounter, much to Helen’s relief. However, that first meeting ignited something in both of them that is finally allowed to come to the surface all these years later.

Kat’s Nine Lives by Lana Villeneuve

When the church Kat Morehart works for refuses to wed a gay couple, Kat springs into action and offers her historic home as the venue. Her best friend, caterer Wendy Archer, is happy to help. When the two get together to create the perfect wedding. Now they just have to deal with the attraction simmering between them.

Smile Number Seven by Melissa Price

Oscar winning actress Katarina Verralta finds herself stuck in a terrible rainstorm in the middle of nowhere and pulls off the intestate to seek refuge and perhaps a place to spend the night. Julia Dearling, owner of the Starlight Diner, welcomes Katarina in for a meal and some conversation, and since there are no hotels in the tiny town of Desert Bluff, she also offers her a place to stay. That offer kicks off a passionate romance, but Katarina must face the the dual factors of their age difference and how this new love will change everything for the closeted actress.

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