December new releases are romantic, suspenseful

New releases for December are in and they are perfect winter reads filled with romance and suspense! This month’s novels follow women looking for a fresh start—who kindle romance along the way. From the slopes to the Bay to the nation’s capital, these stories feature exciting settings and irresistible characters. Make sure to also check out our November new releases, which are fun romances!

And don’t miss this fun interview with all three authors of our December new releases, which includes a book giveaway!

new release Maybe Charlotte
Maybe Charlotte is available for purchase now!

Maybe Charlotte by Louise McBain

Charlie moves to D.C. to get away from her life in Portland, Maine. Not only does she need some space from her ex-girlfriend, but she also needs to escape the notoriety of the dessert she secretly named after her vagina: The Charlie Pie™. Changing her name to Charlotte, she moves in with her twin brother in Georgetown. While enjoying the night life of the big city, Charlotte meets Lily and finds herself hoping there’s something real between them. When Charlotte’s ex shows up and tries to reconnect, their relationship is put to the test. Can Charlotte and Lily overcome their past relationships to build something new?

New release Maybe Charlotte is a sequel to Claiming Camille.

new release Jackpot
Jackpot is available for purchase now!

Jackpot by Cade Haddock Strong

When Ty wins big at the lottery in this new release, she finds herself suddenly wealthy. But will she use her newfound wealth to get her life back on track? It’s not as easy a choice as she once thought, particularly since she no longer knows who to trust. When Ty meets Karla, though, she’s immediately drawn to the former member of the US Ski Team, despite Karla’s anger. Karla is mad at the world and herself and can’t stop seeming to mess up the good things she has going. Can the two help each other through their newfound circumstances?

new release From the Ashes
From the Ashes is available for purchase now!

From the Ashes by Stacy Lynn Miller

Detective Manhattan Sloane and DEA Agent Finn Harper narrowly escaped death, but now they must bring justice to those responsible for the murder of Sloane’s wife. At the same time, the two rekindle the love they shared as teens, growing closer than ever. Both the pursuit of justice and the pursuit of romance have the potential to backfire not just on Sloane and Finn, but on Sloane’s stepdaughter Reagan. Can Sloan really have it all? Romance, parenthood, and the badge? Or will she crack under the pressure? When a cartel drug lord bent on revenge threatens everything she’s built, Sloane will learn what she’s really made of.

New release From the Ashes is the second Manhattan Sloane Thriller, following the events of Out of Flames.

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