Debut author Karen Legasy on the writing of “My Forever Hero”

That My Forever Hero is set in Australia is no coincidence and was a big part of the fun in writing this book. The first time I visited Australia was in October 2002 to experience the Gay Games in Sydney. Before my trip, I wanted to learn more about the land down under and was thrilled when I discovered Under the Southern Cross, by Claire McNab. I devoured the pages in that book! I was so excited to have lesbians in the midst of a budding romance, and working in the travel industry no less, as my virtual Australian tour guides.

When I started thinking about writing My Forever Hero, I had no idea what it would be about other than it would be a romance set in Australia. The opening lines to the story suddenly came to me one summer afternoon up at the cottage. From that moment, I realized it was also going to be a thriller and things just took off.

I spent a month in Australia in the middle of writing My Forever Hero and I just knew that the characters had to visit many of the places where I’d been. When I got back to my home in Ottawa, Ontario, completing the second half of the story became my obsession.

I’ve always been a big daydreamer and often imagined the ‘what ifs’ when I was growing up. Make-believe worlds were a lot of fun then and still are now. You never know where they’re going to take you. In writing My Forever Hero, I strove to create a pretend world for an intimate escape from reality. What starts out as a harrowing rescue at sea turns into a story of intrigue and romance, and with a bit of humor mixed in.

My favorite time for reading is at night, when I get into bed. I always cherish reading an entertaining lesbian story. With My Forever Hero, I wanted to contribute to the library of lesbian stories. Thank you to Bella Books for choosing my book and helping to make this happen!

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