Could Cynthia Nixon become New York’s first woman and out LGBTQ governor?

Actress and activist Cynthia Nixon has made no bones about it: she loves New York and wants to make it a better place for all. It’s something she’s been talking about for years, so when she announced her plan to run for Governor of New York, it wasn’t a complete surprise. It was however, a pretty big deal.

Nixon is openly bisexual and has been out about her sexuality for over a decade. She married wife Christine Marinoni in 2012 (the same day my wife and I got married at City Hall. We waited next to the couple for our paperwork!). Marinoni and Nixon share a passion for public education and LGBTQ rights.

While some may chalk Nixon’s candidacy up to to another celeb running for office (like opponent and incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo did), there’s no denying Nixon has been doing her homework. If she won, she’d be New York’s first female Governor and the first openly LGBTQ person to serve the state’s highest office. Here’s Nixon with her wife and kids, laying out her plans to improve New York State.

What do you think about Nixon’s announcement?

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