Choose a TV heroine and we’ll recommend a Bella book

We love our television heroines, don’t we? These Bella book heroines are just as captivating, and don’t be surprised if you fall for these ladies too. All the books featured are now on sale for a limited time!


Love the vamptastic Carmilla? Try Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes. Stela is a 500 year old vampire with a fierce past, who unexpectedly falls for a human nurse named Elizabeth.



Swear fealty to Commander Lexa? Check out Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones. Swordswoman Barbara finds herself fighting for more than freedom when she meets Margerit Sovitre. She’ll protect the heiress at all costs.



Missing Emily Fields? Get to know Adeena Minor in Dillon Watson‘s The Secret Unknown. Mysterious long lost twins, cryptic letters, danger at every turn? Yup, this book has it all.



Can’t get enough of DEO agent Alex Danvers? You’ll want to meet Mary Alice Nolan in Lise MacTague‘s Five Moons Rising. Mary Alice is a special kind of agent who hunts the supernatural, and her world is shaken when she teams up with werewolf Ruri Samson to solve a savage set of murders.



Killing you that you have to wait a year for more Eve Polastri? Try Skin in the Game by Melissa Price. Anonymous rock superstar Steel Eyes is also a top spy who is forced back into the game when her country’s cyber security is threatened.


Does Nicole Haught have your heart locked up? Then try Consequence of Murder by Nene Adams. Investigator Mackenzie Cross is suddenly seeing supernatural things, in particular, the ghost of a woman who wants her murder solved. Mackenzie  would ask her best friend Veronica Birdwell for help, but she’s sort of in love with her too. Oh and Mackenzie thinks she’s is straight. Did I mention there’s a cheerleader?





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  • Jackie Spector
    Posted July 10, 2018 2:02 pm 0Likes

    How about if you like Rizzoli and. Isles? What would you reccomend

    • Dana Piccoli
      Posted July 11, 2018 9:51 am 0Likes

      Definitely check out the Carol Ashton series by Claire McNab.

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