Check out these Bella books with heroines who work with animals

It takes a special kind of heart to dedicate yourself to protecting and helping animals, and these books feature heroines who do just that. When they aren’t mending a broken paw, teaching a horse to trust, or working with their trusted pooch to solve a crime, they are falling for another women who believes in what they do. Right now these ebooks are also on sale!


Dingo’s Recovery by Genevieve Fortin

When Joyce Allen adopts her dog Dingo, it feels like fate. But when Dingo is injured and goes to see Dr. Amanda Carter for care, Joyce finds that fate might have more in store for her.


The Winder Path by Lyn Dowland

Veterinarian Gillian Pembury seeks refuge from heartache in a small village in Northern England. She’d all but given up any chance of falling in love, until she meets the strong and capable farmwoman Sandi Helton.


I Can’t Dance Alone by Maggie Brown

Australian Outback veterinarian Harry Roberts and green newcomer Sarah Phillips have far from a meet-cute, but their chemistry is hard to ignore once Harry lets her guard down.


Spring Tide by Robbi McCoy

Ex-cop Stef Byers is haunted by tragedy, so she runs away to a houseboat on the Sacramento River Delta to bury her pain and be alone. The endless waterways may not hold the key to moving on though, especially when Stef meets local veterinarian Jackie Townsend.


Beach Town by Ann Roberts

Closeted actress Kira Drake’s star is on the rise, especially if her domineering agent and mother have anything to do with it. But when veterinary student and surfing instructor, Flynn McFadden, walks into Kira’s life, the sparks are immediate and intense. Will their connection be enough to stop Kira’s mother’s plan to spoil their blossoming love, and keep her daughter from coming out?


Sleeping Dogs Lie by E.J. Cochrane

Matilda “Maddie” Smithwick has a successful dog walking company and is loving life until the day she stumbles onto a murder scene when picking up a client’s dog. She finds herself thrust into an investigation, developing an attraction to one of the murder suspects, and caring for a depressed foster dog.


Dreams Unspoken by RJ Layer

Jo Marchal has left behind her life and horse training business to start over in her home town. While there, she tries to mend fences with her family, and meets the irresistible cowgirl Maria West. Maria is just one of the surprises life has waiting for Jo.


Such Happiness as This by Laina Villenueve

When Robyn Landry’s eight year relationship falls apart, she decides to lease a horse at a local barn and lose herself in riding and training. When artist and newcomer Grace Warren keeps crossing Robyn’s path, Robyn can’t ignore their connection, but Robyn is still raw from her last relationship. Can these two find a way?



Piper’s Someday by Ruth Perkinson

Life hasn’t been easy for young Piper Leigh Cliff and her three-legged dog, Someday. After losing her parents and brothers in a car accident, she’s taken in by her alcoholic grandfather and his equally troublesome sidekick. When a lesbian couple moves in down the hall, Piper is drawn to them and their kindness. However, there’s a lot more chaos in store for Piper, who will need to be resilient and true to herself above all.


Broken Trails by D Jordan Redhawk

The Iditarod is the scene for this thrilling romance. Scotch Fuller is preparing to run the famous race for the fourth time, something that helps her push away the crushing guilt she carries over the death of her girlfriend. Also trying to escape their past is photographer Lainey Hughes, who was injured while covering a war zone. Covering the race in Alaska was the last thing she wanted to do, but the paycheck was promising, and so is racer Scotch Fuller.


October’s Promise by Marianne Garver

Libby Jackson has just been awarded a mysterious inheritance, and dreams of fleeing her dull New Hampshire town for the lights and sights of NYC. She wasn’t expecting a strange dog to show up at her doorstep too. Quinn Barnett is on a personal mission that brings her in New England to see the trees change, and the last thing she wants is to fall in love. Love is strange that way though, isn’t it?


Caught in the Net by Jessica Thomas

Provincetown private investigator Alex Peres has it all: looks, charm, smarts, and a great dog for a partner. What she doesn’t have is luck in love. When a sneaker washes up on the beach, Alex and her dog Fargo are sent on an investigation. Soon enough, when Alex locks eyes with Janet Meacham at the local bar, they have an undeniable attraction. However, if Alex can’t figure out the mystery behind the sneaker, she might not live long enough to enjoy domestic bliss.

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