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This month, we are featuring the works of author Ann Roberts, who has sixteen books with Bella under her belt. Ann is a two-time Lambda Literary Finalist, and winner of a Goldie Award for Best Lesbian Thriller/Mystery novel. Right now, all of Ann’s backlist is 25% off, so it’s a perfect time to pick up one of her earlier works like:

The Complete Package

Small town Colorado mayor Lenny Barclay has been having a tough time sine her partner passed and her son walked out of her life, but she’s not about to let a group of corporate planners take over her town. Lenny butts heads with business woman Sloane McHenry, but sparks also fly.

Paid in Full

The first book in the Ari Adams series! When real estate agent Ari Adams finds a dead body in one of her listings, and her best friend is accused of the crime, Ari is understandably shaken. The arrival of homicide Detective Molly Nelson however, flips Ari’s world upside down. When Bob disapears, the two women must come together to find him, and deal with their intense connection along the way.

Hidden Hearts

CC Carson is tasked with delivering an eviction notice for her firm, but when the person she’s evicting turns out to be a beloved writer who inspired CC in her youth, CC has her hands full. Not only that, but the writer Vivian’s tenants, including the devilishly attractive lawyer Penn, won’t let Vivian go down without a fight.

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