Celebrate the beginning of summer with this special sale!

Happy first day of summer. What better way to enjoy the summer weather than with a wonderful book. These Bella books are set in the summer and are all on sale for a limited time.

The Secret Pond, Pelican’s Landing, One Summer Night, Coyote Sky by Gerri Hill: Beloved author Gerri Hill has used summer as the setting for many of her romances. Any of these fabulous novels will make for excellent summer reading.


Choosing Love by MB Panichi:  In this summer romance, a lesbian novelist and a forestry officer’s world’s collide.


New Additions by Becky Harmon: The last thing retired police chief Cassie Thomas was looking for was romance, but when social worker Kathleen Masters appears in her life, romance might just be looking for Cassie.


Take Only Pictures by Laina Villenueve: Kristine Owens is back for a summer working with horses in California’s High Sierras. There she runs into biologist, Gloria Fisher, who is on assignment, and sparks fly.


You Can’t Run from Love by Kate Snowdon: Jess Brewster is glad she decided to stay home for the summer in the Scottish countryside when she meets Rachel Cummings, who was hoping for a quiet retreat but discovers much more.


Hypnotizing Chickens by Julia Watts: Chrys Pickett left her small town years ago, but when Nanny needs her, she heads back home. The simple life for the summer gets a little more complicated with the arrival of Nanny’s beautiful physical therapist.


Two Weeks in August by Nat Burns: Recently moved to Chincoteague Island, Nina Christie is already fed up with brash local, Hazy Duncan. The enchaning island may have other plans for the two, however.


Songs without Words by Robbi McCoy: Librarian Harper Sheridan is planning to spend the summer finding herself and healing from a broken heart. When Harper’s runaway niece shows up at her ex Chelsea’s house, fate has a way of bringing broken hearts back together.


Solstice and Leaving L.A. by Kate Christie: These two excellent Kate Christie novels use the summer as the backdrop for some thrilling romances with long days and even hotter nights.


One Degree of Separation by Karin Kallmaker: Librarian Marian Pardoo is busy pining away for a married woman when out of towner Liddy Peel enters her life. While Marian is trying to forget about her unrequited love, Liddy os running away from a disastrous relationship. When they find each other, it’s kismet.


Comfortable Distance by Kenna White: When Dana Roberts decides to take a summer vacation away from her life, she becomes friends with marine biologist Dr. Jamie Hughes. Jamie attempts to lend a hand with Dana’s troubled love-life, but the two get much more than expected.



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