Celebrate National Coming Out Day with these Bella books!

Happy National Coming Out Day! Whether you’ve been out for decades or are just taking your first few steps out of the closet, congratulations. These books feature main characters who are dealing with coming out as well.


Snow Falls by Gerri Hill


When an avalanche strands writer Jennifer Kincaid and heiress Catherine Ryan Barrett in a cabin, the two women connect in a way that neither could have imagined. When they are finally able to leave after two months of seclusion, Jennifer returns to her life in Santa Fe, and a  boyfriend who wants to get married. But Jen can’t stop thinking about Ryan.




Never Say Never by Linda Hill


Computer analyst Leslie Howard breaks her own rule about falling for straight women when she meets new co-worker, Sara Stevens. Leslie is hesitant to come out to Sara after a previous experience left her hurting, and when she does, her fears are validated as Sara cuts off their friendship. When Leslie seeks solace in the arms of another woman, Sara finds herself having to confront her own hidden feelings of attraction to Leslie.




Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren


Marine biologist Liv Cucinelli can’t seem to resist the woman she’s supposed to hate: homophobic spoiled rich girl Mira Butler, who sabotaged Liv’s college career. When the two are thrust together years later, Mira is oblivious to the harm she caused Liv and wants to pursue a friendship. When she finally learns the truth, it opens up feelings in Mira that she never knew existed.



Being Emily by Rachel Gold


When teenage Emily comes out at trans, her parents put her in therapy to try to change her mind. Her girlfriend uses the bible and talk of God to dissuade her, but Emily knows who she is. When a substitute therapist and a girl named Natalie come into her life, Emily finally has a chance to be who she’s always known she was: herself.



Southern Girl by Renee Lukas


Growing up in 70s and 80s Tennessee, high schooler Jesse Aimes finally starts to feel like she fits in when she joins the basketball team. When her best friend from childhood comes back to town, Jesse is scared of the feelings that arise. Being told her whole life that being gay is sinful by her preacher father certainly don’t help. Still, a romance secretly grows between the teens. When a jealous classmate outs the couple, the truth comes out and threatens everything Jesse holds dear.



Secrets So Deep by KG MacGregor


Since taking over for her late husband in Congress, Glynn Wright has towed the party line. When her teenage stepson Sebby tries to take his own life, Glynn is ready to put everything on the line for him, even discussing her past relationships with women, something that could easily derail her career. When Sebby starts sharing the secrets he’s held close, the truth has devastating consequences for Glynn and his therapist Charlotte. Charlotte and Glynn share a growing attraction, and it’s only when they come together can they save Sebby and find out the truth being Glynn’s late husband’s death.



Laughter in the Wind by SL Harris


College student Rebecca Wilcox is on the search for clues about a disturbed grave in a supposedly haunted cemetery. Those clues lead her to fellow student Olivia Harmon, and the two team up to solve the mystery. After living a closeted existence in order to keep the peace in her family, Olivia stops hiding when the truth about her family starts to reveal itself and her connection with Rebecca deepens.



Blind Side of the Moon by Blayne Cooper


Junior Samantha Blackwell has been experiencing haunting dreams which only deepen when she spends the summer working in her family’s psychic reading shop. Her dreams of a classmate named Jane show a young woman being stalked by a dangerous person. Jane Hutchens is the black sheep of her popular and powerful family, and her coming out isn’t taken well by them at all. At first, when she starts receiving messages from a secret admirer, she’s flattered. Samantha steps up to try and protect Jane from what she’s seen in her visions, and both girls are pulled into something much bigger than they ever imagined.

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