Celebrate Canada Day with this sale on our fabulous Canadian authors’ books!

This Sunday is Canada Day, when our neighbors to the north celebrate the day the nation was officially formed in 1867. While there will be celebrations all across the country, we’re having our own little celebration too by offering discounts on the stellar books written by our Canadian authors. You’ll find ebooks on sale by authors Tracey Richardson, Genevieve Fortin, Katherine V Forrest, Karen Legasy, Nene Adams, Rebecca Swartz, Sheryl Wright, and J.E. Knowles. Here are some of the books you’ll find on sale this weekend.

Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

ER physician Dr. Victoria Turner and paramedic and former soldier, Angie Cullen find themselves on the receiving end of serious heartbreak when their respective partners have an affair with each other. Vic and Angie are left to pick up the pieces and become allies in their pain, and maybe the key to learning to love again.


Don’t Let Go by Sheryl Wright

Chief Innovation Officer and veteran Georgie DiNamico just wants to be left alone to heal from a serious injury sustained in Afghanistan, but when university professor Tyler Marsh comes into her life and workplace, everything changes.


Dingo’s Recovery by Genevieve Fortin

In this age-gap romance, newly retired Joyce Allen is embracing the life she hadn’t been living, full of adventure and happiness. Part of that is adopting a dog named Dingo. When Dingo is injured, Joyce and Dingo meet Dr. Amanda Carter, a light-hearted veterinarian many years Joyce’s junior. What is first friendship becomes much more.



My Forever Hero by Karen Legasy

Travel to Australia with Canadian police officer Marlee Nevin. After a surfing accident nearly kills her, Marlee is rescued by the captivating Abigail Taylor. Not long after, Abigail is framed for tampering with research at her biosystem firm and asks for Marlee’s help to clear her name. Can Marlee return the favor and save Abigail this time, even as their attraction smolders beneath the surface?

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