“Carol’s a Demon” is a laugh-out-loud new comedy webseries you won’t want to miss

The folks behind Girl Ship TV are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to original content with a lesbian, bi, and queer-positive focus. Known for their hilarious Drunk Lesbians Watch and Project Inferno series, the channel has just debuted a brand new pilot that combines horror, comedy, and lesbian characters with perfection. Carol’s a Demon is the brainchild of writer Amanda Holland, and features out actors and fan favs, Ashly Perez and Brittany Ashley. The pilot is directed by Chantel Houston, who also directed Unfortunately Ashly.

Cynical Sofia (Perez) is far from impressed when her friends want to spend an evening summoning spirits with a Ouija board. Much to her surprise, the friends (and an ill-placed necklace) open a portal allowing a demon to escape, and inhabit the body of a delivery driver named Carol (Ashley). Carol enlists Sofia in her mission to get the hell out of hell, permanently, and reunite with her lady love in heaven.


Don’t worry, Carol’s trying to mend her ways.


The pilot, which is here for your enjoyment, is twenty-two minutes of fun with smart jokes that really land and an easy chemistry amongs the cast. (Holland even joins the cast as stoner, Mack.) These friends have been working together since their days at Buzzfeed, and have only grown as performers and writers under their own auspices. If you are looking for a project created, starring, and about lesbian, bi, and queer women, then look no further. Webseries, especially high quality ones with special effects like Carol’s a Demon, don’t come cheap. Girl Ship TV needs your help to fund the rest of the series, so check out their Indiegogo campaign.


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