Books about coming out and finding love

In honor of National Coming Out Day, we are featuring books with coming out stories at their center. Whether it’s a teenager falling in love for the first time, or a mature woman who discovers a part of herself later in life, these coming out stories will tug at your heartstrings and keep you riveted to the page. We’ll be having a flash sale, so enjoy any of these ebooks for $5.99 on


Coming of Age Coming Out Stories

Small Town Secrets by Riley Scott: Former college basketball star Jordan Weston thinks she has lost it all when she sustains a career-ending injury. That’s until Taylor Reeves arrives in town and captures Jordan’s curiosity and attention. For Taylor, being the daughter of a minister, she’s learned to hide who she is from judgemental eyes. Will she be able to push away her own feelings for Jordan?

Being Emily by Rachel Gold: Emily knows who she is, and she wants to go through the rest of high school living her truth as a young trans woman. Attending school in a small town has its challenges, but hope comes in the form of a substitute therapist who encourages Emily to be herself, and a new student named Natalie.

Blind Side of the Moon by Blayne Cooper: High schooler Samantha Blackwell is highly intuitive and has haunting dreams that a classmate named Jane Hutchen is being stalked. Feeling alone and frustrated after coming out to her family, Jane is taken by messages she receives from a secret admirer. Samantha and Jane’s connection soon becomes clear, and the two girls come face to face with the darkness that Sam sees in her dreams of Jane.

Southern Girl by Renee Lukas: Growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, Jesse Aimes doesn’t get why she’s only really comfortable on the basketball court. When her childhood best friend, Stephanie, comes back to town, her feelings become much more clear. As Jesse and Stephanie reconnect, a classmate threatens to derail their happiness.

Grown Up Coming Out Stories

The Cottage by Gerri Hill: Jill and Carrie are both married to men, and have teenage children, the latter of which brings them together in friendship. Their connection turns out to be much deeper than either of them ever expected.

Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker: Faith Fiztgerald is an award-winning scholar who has it all: A dashing boyfriend named Eric, a great career, a loving family. When she meets Eric’s sister, the openly lesbian Sydney Van Allen, everything she thought she knew about her life flies right out the window.

Curious Wine by Katherine V Forrest: This novel is credited with starting the lesbian romance genre, and is one of the best-selling lesbian romances of all time. Follow Diana Holland and Lane Christianson as they discover themselves and each other, under the intimate setting of a Lake Tahoe cabin.

Never Say Never by Linda Hill: Computer analyst Leslie Howard has a habit of falling for straight women, and ending up with a broken heart. When a new co-worker, Sara Stevens, comes into the picture, she and Leslie become friends – well until the moment Leslie comes out to Sara. Sara ghosts Leslie, but when she sees her former friend in the arms of another, a rush of unexpected feelings have Sara questioning everything.

Without Warning by KG MacGregor: After strangers Anna and Lily survive a violent earthquake by leaning on each other, Anna develops feelings for Lily. While she’s never been in love with another woman, Anna trusts her heart, but Lily isn’t sure she can trust Anna or anyone else with hers.

Waltzing at Midnight by Robbi McCoy: When Jean Davis volunteers on a local politician’s campaign, she didn’t expect to develop a major crush on mayoral candidate Rosie Monroe. It was the last thing Rosie expected either, and with her candidacy in the balance and dirty tricks afoot, can she allow herself to fall?

First Fall by Genevieve Fortin: Audrey Eriksson moves to a sleepy little town to shrug off the stresses of city life, but when she falls for her married neighbor, Marielle, things are far from easy. When Marielle, who revels in her friendship with Audrey as an escape from her unhappy marriage, returns those feelings, things might get downright messy.


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